Murphy’s Law

As the famous Murphy’s Law states, “if anything can go wrong, it will”. Well today was my first hand experience at this law at pretty much everything I did since I got up in the morning till right about now. Here goes a brief description –

Tomorrow was a big day for all of us in PGP1 because all of us had this earth-shattering Quant Tech project submission to be done, and as usual we had left the entire project to the 11th hour, ie, today. So there I was up quite early as usual slogging away at Excel and SPSS when Acadcom, due to their excellent negotiation skills managed to postpone the submission. However, the only flipside was that today was an off-day and I could’ve slept on till lunch, which I didn’t do coz of the submission. That was the first thing that went wrong.

Moving on, I thought I would have some good dinner at the SICA mess. Quite a few wrong things there. First mistake was to sit behind Nikhil “Hillu” Gupta. Second mistake was to go on with his suggestion of taking an alternative route, which landed the two of us on a dirt-track with lots of lorries, and other assorted vehicles bombarding us from all sides of the track. We were actually lost for a small period of time before we could make it out of the wilderness into civilization.

Third mistake was taking Nirmal’s bike. The stupid bike decided to puncture itself at the mess on the way back. One hour later we were standing at a road side puncture-wallah. And he was sweet to inform us that the tube was all FUBAR (fuc***ed up beyond all recognition).

Fourth mistake, we missed out on a batch meeting coz of the puncture. Of course, we didn’t know about the meeting nor was the meeting of any consequence. But then, missing something as much “fun” as a batch meeting is quite unpardonable.

All in all, a day when Murphy’s law was pretty much lived out by me in its entirety.


Madras-bashai word of the day: Arai-Loosu – Half-crazy. See “Loosu” Tamil arai (half) + English loosu (loose, as in “not tight”)

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