Amazing article on cricket

I just read this transcript of a speech by renowned cricket writer Christopher Martin-Jenkins (Chief Cricket Correspondent of the Times, London) which he delivered on the occassion of the seventh annual Cowdrey Lecture at the MCC, London.

Chris talks about how modern tendencies followed by current domestic and international players has been primarily responsible for demeaning the game’s fundamental spirit.

Among other things he talks about how batsmen of today have lost the will to walk even when they clearly know that they have nicked the ball on its way to the wicket-keeper, and how players are using technology to their advantage by ensuring all minor umpiring errors are magnified ‘x’ times.

He also goes on to bemoan the role that the ICC has taken on in terms of a governing body of the game, and how its commercial interests have adversely affected the game and is taking its toll on the quality of cricket that is being played over the world.

All in all an amazing article from one of the game’s ardent and eloquent followers. Any cricket lover and any lover of good sports articles must read this article at any cost.


One thought on “Amazing article on cricket

  1. Good read indeed ! I draw a lot of parallel between cricket and the way we lives have become in modern day society..! In speed..and with the philosophy that it not a crime until it is caught..BTW, the opinion that penalty runs ought to be charged for misdemeanour instead of match fees, seems a damn good idea..!

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