Unhappy Millionaires !!!

For all you folks who are working hard to eke out a decent living and have six digit CTCs (cost-to-company salary figures), I’ve got a rhetorical question? Do all you folks actually think that you deserve all the money that you make, do you ever think of lots of other people in other professions (like teachers, professors, scientists, researchers, etc, who are engaged in work that actually makes a difference to the world) are being rewarded enough for their efforts?

What prompted this line of thinking from me is this article in New York Times which my friend forwarded to me. The article talks about the current situation of some Silicon Valley millionaires and billionaires, who funnily enough are probably clocking the same amount of working hours which they used to when they weren’t as well off in life.

While wealth has brought them most comforts that an average (or even an above average American) would be happy with, somehow they cannot seem to stop burning the midnight oil just to make that extra million.

The article seems to suggest that it is not greed for more money that drives these individuals, but the pressure that they put on themselves and society puts on them, to maintain the extravagant and flagrant lifestyles that they have cultivated with the initial few millions they made.

Some of these guys are stuck in a rut where they have no other go but to put in these kind of efforts, just to keep up with the rest of the Valley where every other person seems to be minting more and more money every damn hour of the day.

Man, am I happy with my 5 figure CTC!!! At least, I can go to sleep at night telling myself that I’ve put in my best and am living my life to the fullest. But then, that again is purely a personal perception of how my life is right now, ain’t it?


3 thoughts on “Unhappy Millionaires !!!

  1. Dude, first thing you too are earning a 6 digit CTC (yearly), and I guess one that’s closing on to become 7 digits.Anyway, coming to the point… I guess it’s not about how muhc you are earning. I guess in the end it’s all about how good you loved AND how much you earned. One of these just wouldn’t do. It has to be a bit of both, and I know top-shots who make the most of both of these (who I presume are the real winners).

  2. Hey there Govar,I assume you meant ‘how good you lived and how much you earned’?Man, didn’t realise how much difference one wrong vowel could make 😉Cheers………Jam

  3. Jam !Interesting stuff..! In my opinion the digits, strangely, dont add up, in the final tally ! Its going to be about love and live ! And more importantly balance…Thats the toughest of asks i guess..!I can say all this. I am inbetween jobs you see !

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