Saint Ralph – Movie Review

When I popped this particular movie into the DVD Player, it was more out of curiosity and a way to kill time since I had actually managed to get up early on a Saturday morning. But then, around approximately 110 minutes later, I got out of my chair feeling quite happy that I had actually chosen this movie over something other which might not have been so good.

The premise of the movie itself is quite simple. In fact, it is not different from most other sports movies that you might have watched over the times. But then what makes this movie good rather than mediocre is the gentle subtle way in which the director has dealt with the various situations.

The story revolves around 14 yr old Ralph Walker, a normal average teenager in the 1950s who regularly plays the truant in school, taking off time to enjoy the occassional cigarette, and who has a few teenage sexual adventures of his own as well. His father was a war hero and his mother goes into a coma somewhere in the beginning of the movie. All in all, an average teenage rebel-without-a-cause who loves his mother a lot.

One fine day in Cathecism class in school, he hears this priest telling him about miracles and how anybody can perform them given the three necessary pre-requisites, purity, faith and prayer. Now this piqued Ralph’s interest in the area of miracles purely because he realises that it would take a miracle to bring his mother out of the coma. And co-incidentally since Ralph had been assigned to the cross-country running team as detention, where the coach tells him that it would be a miracle if he managed to win the Boston Marathon.

Put 2 and 2 together and somehow Ralph gets it in his mind that him winning the Boston Marathon would be the miracle that would bring his mother back to normal. The sequence of events that happens subsequently makes up the rest of the movie.

If you guys wanna catch a movie that doesn’t tax your brains too much and are looking for a heartwarming story and screenplay, go catch Saint Ralph at a DVD Rental somewhere.



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