The week of comebacks

Well, here’s a small list of all the ‘comebacks’ that have happened over the past week –

1. I came back to India from the US. For me, it was like literally walking from the Frying Pan into the Fire, both in terms of work and quite literally the weather back here at Hyderabad. The blast of hot air that hit me the moment I walked out of the new Shamsabad International Airport Arrivals terminal is something that I cannot fully accurately describe. Suffice to say that it was hot!!!

2. I went back home to Bangalore after 5 months. Albeit it was a crazy trip considering that I got off a train at 11 AM on Saturday, had to get ready and leave for a wedding at around 4 PM, came back at around 10 PM, left home early on Sunday morning at 7 AM, came back at 12 PM and had a train to catch at 6 PM, the fact still remains that I went back home after quite a while.

3. I got back to my team back here at Hyderabad. The team which was 4 member strong has grown to become 6 member strong. So it’s a comeback to training the new guys on the team and bringing them upto speed.

4. I got back to my usual schedule of coming in reasonably early to office and going back home reasonably late. Although the Missus is not too excited about this particular ‘comeback’ of mine, this just has to be done for the next few days to tide over the current work situation.

5. Shoaib Akthar has come back to playing active cricket and contributing to the victories of the Kolkata Knight Riders.

6. Aishwarya Rai has made a stunning comeback with Jodhaa Akbar. I ll surely have to put up a review of this wonderful movie sometime soon, considering the effect that it has had on me.

7. Indiana Jones has made his much-awaited comeback to the silver screen. Cannot wait to watch this particular instalment of the wonderful franchise.


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