Politicians almost never know what they are talking about

I absolutely love what David Brooks, New York Times columnist has to say in his column aptly titled “The Post-Lehman World“.

These words “We’d need regulators who could spot a bubble and squelch a boom just when things seem to be going good, who can scare away foreign investment and who could over-rule popularity-mongering presidents. (The statements by the two candidates this week have been moronic.)” are so absolutely true especially considering the kind of rhetoric that Obama and McCain have been building up regarding the Market Metldown.

Wish politicians understood more about the economy and how it works rather than just indulging in rhetoric and rabble-rousing just to garner more popular votes.


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One thought on “Politicians almost never know what they are talking about

  1. That was one heck of an insightful article ! Value and Valuation being at two ends of the spectrum can only be momentary. Natural laws will get them closer…i think. !

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