London Tales – Part 3

From today’s updates, one gets the feeling that the Missus enjoys the fact that public servants in London are actually “public servants” in the true sense of the word. Here go her updates for the day –

“1. Hubby (read Jairam) forgot to call me (forget calling, he didn’t even say bye to me!!!)

2. People offer to bring coffee or tea for their colleagues in the office. They even deliver it to me in a tray

3. Most of the people here are helpful, not friendly, but helpful nevertheless. From what I see, the traffic police women/men are extremely helpful. Although normal people, like you and me, who walk on the road don’t even bother to look back (even if you are dying on the street), the cops are really helpful

4. Most normal people are not very friendly (unlike Indians back home). At times I feel that we Indians anyway overdo the ‘being friendly’ part, but London and its residents are a little overboard on ‘being unfriendly’. Overall, most of their small talk is restricted to the Hi, Bye, come into office, work and go home. No gossipping, no chatting, nothing

Signing off for the day. Damn, this is going to be a long weekend. I have Prod Support over the weekend, and that basically means no sightseeing (that too on my first weekend in London). Boo hoo!!!”

Feel bad for the Missus that she will be stuck in front of her laptop over the weekend. But then, she’s got at least 10 more weekends to go before she gets back.


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