Gone Baby Gone – Movie Review

Everyone wants the truth…until they find it“. Now, when a movie poster has a statement like that, would the audience need a bigger hook than that to actually go ahead and watch the movie. Add to this the fact that Ben Affleck has directed the movie, and you have the ingredients of an interesting movie right away.

The movie stars Casey Affleck (Patrick Kenzie) who is a small time private investigator who alongwith his girlfriend Michelle Mongahan (playing Angie) is happy investigating small incidents in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. When a young girl Amanda McCready goes missing, the couple is contacted by the girl’s aunt to find her. What follows is the quintessential ‘opening of can of worms’ kind of story where each clue unearthed by the couple leads to an antire new set of problems and almost an entirely new story in itself.

From drug lords, to drug money being stolen, to bad cops, the story takes a reasonably high number of twists and turns. The investigator duo get themselves into more than trouble than they bargained for, and at time question their own wisdom in having taken up this case, as well as proceeding further with the investigation.

At a deeper level this movie deals with how a drug addict mother treats her child carelessly, how the rookie investigators believe that there are always good sources of information in the immediate neighborhood, how Kenzie utilizes his friends and acquaintances right from high school and has access to the deepest under-bellies of the drug syndicate in Boston, how Angie gets so emotionally involved with the missing girl that she actually believes that making a difference to the girl’s life is probably the best thing she could’ve done in her life, and a whole lot of other myriad emotions.

The last 10 minutes of the movie where the entire story unravels itself has been dealt with very beautifully by the director and the screen-writer. It probably remains one of the most rivetting endings to any movie that I have ever seen, and ranks up there in my list of movie-endings. Morgan Freeman’s cameo role is just another one in his long list of memorable ones. And Casey Affleck as the rookie investigator trying to help the cops find the girl is simply marvellous with his portrayal of a hesitant, quiet-but-confident, Patrick Kenzie.

This movie ranks reasonably high up in my ratings of all time movies.


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