Watchmen – Movie Preview

Yes, this is NOT a Movie Review but a Movie Preview, a first for mahabore readers. Now, I’ve been hearing and reading so much about WATCHMEN for the past few days that it had pretty much become all but compulsory that I had to put up a preview of a movie which I am surely going to catch in the closest theatre once it hits Indian shores.

Watchmen, the movie is based on the seminal Alan Moore comic book series of the same name which was published by DC Comics in 1986-87. Now while there is nothing spectacular about remaking a comic book into a movie, the fact that Watchmen was just not any other comic book is what makes it all the more interesting. Wikipedia quotes “Moore used the story as a means to reflect contemporary anxieties and to deconstruct the superhero concept.” And if this was not interesting enough, the fact that this comic book has probably the largest number of geek follower-base makes it all the more interesting to see how they will react to this cinematic re-telling of the comic.

Some of the things that the movie has going for it are –

  1. Zack Snyder, the director of ‘300‘ one of my all time favorite movies has directed Watchmen
  2. Even if the movie matches 70%-80% of what the comic book managed to tell, in terms of character development and script, alongwith a pacy screenplay, then in my opinion (purely as somebody who enjoys a decent cinematic re-telling of comic books) Watchmen should rock, especially considering that it is shot in the IMAX format
  3. The story is set in the 80s which in my opinion were great days for superheros when they still had to rely on things such as instinct, courage rather than fancy gadgets such as GPS devices and Batpods (sorry Batman, just making a point that’s all)

Now if all of the above doesn’t make you go and watch this movie when it hits Indian theatres, then here goes some more food for thought –

  1. An awesome article in the Wired magazine about how the movie was filmed
  2. A very well written preview to this movie from Satish Naidu’s blog
  3. Wikipedia link to Watchmen – movie. Pay special attention as to how long and hard Hollywood has struggled to make this comic into a movie
  4. Wikipedia link to Watchmen – comic. Read this to understand what it is that makes this comic so hugely popular and path-breaking in its genre
  5. IMDB link to the movie, for good measure. Believe it or not, the movie has hit #188 in the IMDB Top 250 list within one week of its release. As far as I know only The Dark Knight managed to get this high a rating so soon

Expect a review of this movie as soon as I get around to watching it.



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