Fracture – Movie Review

Now, the first time I heard about the movie Fracture was when HBO or Star Movies played a 5 min segment of the movie with an interview of Anthony Hopkins stating that this was only the second time in his career that he had played the role of a murderer after the famous Hannibal Lecter character. And if this isn’t enough to pique anybody’s interest in this movie, nothing else can, given Hopkins’ masterful portrayal of Hannibal in that series of movies.

Fracture deals with the events that unravel after Ted Crawford (Anthony Hopkins) shoots his wife in the face after he discovers that she has been having an affair with police detective Robert Nunally. He confesses to the crime and is taken to court. This enables the entry of the ‘soon to be corporate lawyer’ Deputy District Attorney William Beachum (played wonderfully well by Ryan Gosling) into the case who is in charge of prosecution. While Beachum approaches this case as an ‘open and shut one’ what with Crawford signing his confession, and also opting to argue his case himself, he fails to take into account a few unforeseen surprises.

During the trial, Crawford reveals that Nunally, the arresting officer had been having an affair with his wife, and it was in fact he who forced a confession out of Crawford. This forces the judge to disallow the use of Crawford’s confession in the case, and also puts Beachum in a tight spot. By the time Beachum fully realizes the seriousness of his situation, he loses his new corporate job and is also thrown out of the DA’s office. With nothing left to lose, Beachum starts investigating the case with a lot more seriousness to bring Crawford to justice. Whether he does so forms the rest of the movie.

A surprisingly good movie, which keeps viewers stuck to their seats during its entire running length. Some masterful performances by Hopkins and Gosling, a good plot, storyline, all of these make this a must-watch movie.


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One thought on “Fracture – Movie Review

  1. The movie is full of crime and drama. The movie is directed by is directed by Gregory Hoblit who has also made “Frequency” (2000). The movie was just like a big surprise for me.

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