The Battle of the Bulge – The science behind junk food



Am sure all the readers of this blog love their junk food fix. For some it might be their packet of Lays, for some it might be a can of Coke, for some others it might be their favorite ice cream. But for a moment, have any of us thought about how much harm the same does to our bodies and health.

Most of us today lead a sedentary lifestyle, ie, we don’t do too much physical activity other than walk up to the bus stop to catch our office buses, move our fingers around on a keyboard, move our hands to click on the mouse button, etc. As if this was not bad enough, we end up adding more and more calories to our systems with all the junk food that we have.

I just read this long article from the New York times [Link to article] which talks about how the biggest snack brands of the US have conveniently ignored the perils of producing, aggressively marketing and selling their products to the US market for at least 30+ years now which have resulted in a significant portion of US adults and teenagers suffering from problems such as obesity, gout and junk food addiction.

The article cites examples of all the brands pictured above – Dr. Peppers, Lunchables, Frito Lays and Coke and goes on to describe how each of them have used consumer research and science to make their products achieve what is called the ‘bliss point’, the exact point at which consumers get that AHA moment and where the product satisfies their innermost cravings.

Read this well researched article and you might just think twice before you pick up that packet of chips again at the supermarket.

PS: In case you are wondering what the baby carrots are doing in the picture above, read on until the end of the article to find out more.

Images courtesy : Collage of images found using Google’s image search option

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