Thrissur Pooram .. Some facts..

Madathil Varavu

During early days of Thrissur Pooram, Thiruvambady temple did not have the means of providing netti pattam(Gold plated ornaments for elephants) for the three elephants that start from the temple. Naduvil Madom Swami agreed to provide ornaments for the elephants on condition that they come to the Madom to get the ornaments and be there for some time. This continues even now and the elephants proceed from Thiruvambady temple at 07:30 AM to Brahmaswa Madom and a panchavadhyam is held there to please the Lord.

Why does the Kolam of Thiruvambady temple show Lord Krishna

Pooram festival is supposed to be a festival where the Thiruvambady and Paramekkavu bhagavathy meet. Even though the thidambu(idol) is of Thiruvambady bhagavathy,  the kolam which holds the thidambu is of Thiruvambady Krishnan because of King Sakthan Thamburan’s extreme devotion towards Lord Krishna. Hence both Krishnan and Bhagavathy together start from the temple during Pooram day.

 What is the ceremony regarding South gopuram opening of Sri Moolasthanam?

The thekke(south) gopuram of Vadakkunathan temple is opened only during Sivarathri day and Pooram day every year. On Sivarathri day, Lord Shiva is said to open the gates. On the day before Thrissur pooram, Neythalakkaavu Bhagavathy comes on an elephant to open the south gates for Thrissur Pooram. The Devi is considered powerful enough to open the gates of Lord Shiva and hence the ceremony.

Lords that visit and pay obeisance to Lord Shiva on Pooram day

  • Kanimangalam Shastha
  • Panemkkampalli Shastha
  • Chembukkavu bhagavathy
  • Kaaramukku Devi and pookkaattikkara bhagavathy
  • Laaloor Bhagavathy
  • Choorakkottukkaavu Bhagavathy
  • Ayyanthol Bhagavathy
  • Naithalakkaavu Bhagavathy

Special mention about Choorakkottukkaavu Bhagavathy

During early days, Paramekkavu Bhagavathy had a lot of gold and wealth hence before Paramekkavu bhagavathy leaves the temple on Thrissur Pooram to meet Thiruvambady Bhagavathy, Choorakkottukkaavu bhagavathy will reach the temple around eleven in the morning and be placed inside the temple to protect the wealth of Paramekkavu. Only after that Paramekkavu bhagavathy will start from there (Ezhunnallikkal).  Also only after Paramekkavu Bhagavathy returns after Kodamattam and melam , does Choorakkaatu Bhavathy leave to her place. As a thanksgiving ceremony for protecting her land till she came back,  Paramekkavu Bhagavathy sends her Velichappadu to Choorakkottukkaavu during the pooram flag lowering ceremony there.

Bhagavathy Aarattu(Bathing)

Paramekkavu Bhagavathy and Pookkattikara Bhagavaathy will have their aarattu(bathing) ceremony in Vadakkunathan pond(Chettichira) during Pooram day. Pookkaattikkara bhagavathy will first do aaraattu, superstition is that she will take all the poison out of the water before other gods take bath in the pond of Sri Vadakkunathan temple.

Why does Thiruvambady Bhagavathy do aarattu at Sankaran kulangara temple on the 6th day after pooram flag hoisting ceremony?

During Sangarankulangara bhagavathy’s vela function she will come to Thiruvambady temple and then start from here as Thiruvambady Bhavathy is considered as a sibling of Sankarankulangara Bhagavathy. Thiruvambady Bhagavathy will go for aaraattu to sankaran kulangara again during the 6th day after pooram flag hoisting and come back.


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