Spend more to smile more!!!


As the title of the post suggests, all the money we spend on ourselves brings a huge smile to our faces. A new Galaxy Note 2, a pair of those lovely new ear-rings, those new fiction books that we had been dying to read for a while now, those yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts from the Brigade Road outlet, those melt-in-the-mouth Sri Krishna Sweets Mysurpa, just thinking about these things bring a smile to our faces, then just imagine spending money  and actually laying our hands on these things. The breadth of our smiles can barely be measured.

But then, is this all that true happiness is about? Are these the only things that we can spend on which will truly make us happy? Are material possessions the only true givers of joy to us?

Apparently not. This HBR blog [Link to post] talks about ‘how money actually buys happiness?’. After conducting more than a decade of research on this particular topic, the authors have figured out that all the things that we intuitively think brings us happiness (new houses, new cars, etc) have almost no impact at all on our happiness. Where is it that we are going wrong then?

Turns out that individuals who actually spent money on somebody else were far more happier than individuals who spent money on themselves. And what’s more, companies such as Google and a few others have embraced this concept to increase their bottom lines as well.

Read the small post in its entirety to learn more about how spending money on others can immensely boost your happiness.

Image courtesy: Google image search for ‘spend money cartoon’

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