Childhood dreams…



As a youngster growing up in 1980s India, I was absolutely enamored by the exploits of Wing Cmdr Rakesh Sharma [Link to Wikipedia article], the first Indian in space. After all, when you are all of 4 yrs old, have a maternal uncle who works for HAL (which had access to the best color pictures of the Russian space program) and an equally space crazy 11 yrs old cousin, you have no choice but to jump into the ‘space loving bandwagon’.

Those heady few years between when I was around 5 yrs old and probably around 11 yrs old, I desperately wanted to be a fighter pilot which would lead to me becoming a cosmonaut (mind you, not an astronaut, as India in those days was a closer friend of the USSR and not USA 🙂  ) I mean, come on, who would not want to wear those fancy space suits, walk in space, fly those wonderful space shuttles and fighter planes at ‘faster than sound’ speeds. What young boy doesn’t dream of that?

What changed when I was 11 yrs old, the damn fact that I was diagnosed as myopic and had to wear glasses. Those glasses (pun intended) shattered my dreams of flying any kind of aircraft.

Today when I looked back at these memories, courtesy The Daily Prompt and critically examined as to whether I had been able to achieve any of these dreams, I would say a resounding Yes.

Why, because today when I write, I fly, my words are my flights of fancy, my posts take me to places in my mind which I probably would have never been able to physically fly to.

So what I dreamt of doing then and what I do today are somewhat connected, aren’t they?

Image courtesy: Google image search for ‘astronauts’

9 thoughts on “Childhood dreams…

  1. Hi jam. I am glad that the same glasses that shattered your childhood dreams is helping you come up with some scintillating posts. I am enjoying reading all your posts. Great job man.

    • @Padmanabha, well, I don’t know, sometimes just the thought of flying those fighter planes still enthralls me so much that I hate these glasses :), but then comments like yours make me feel nice and warm inside…

  2. “(mind you, not an astronaut, as India in those days was a closer friend of the USSR and not USA 🙂 ) ” – Haha. And I’m guessing the uncle’s company and the cousin’s GK book helped you understand international relations back then? 🙂 What you dreamt and what you do are indeed “somewhat connected”. So now I know one person who does not need a ticket to the moon! 🙂 What a sweet post!!

    • @Sakshi, thanks 🙂 and it took me quite a while to figure out that I wanted to be a cosmonaut and not an astronaut, I guess all those quizzes in school helped me understand the difference

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