The Ass

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At first when John insisted on carrying the backpacks of the entire tour group of 6 people, I thought he was just being a smart-ass and trying to show off. Later on I realized that he was being a dumb-ass doing it for no reason, other than to jump the queue at the Check-In counter.


This post has been written for Trifecta : Week Ninety Seven where the post had to use the following definition of ass :Β (adverb/adjective) often vulgarβ€”often used as a post positive intensive especially with words of derogatory implication

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18 thoughts on “The Ass

    • @Proactive Indian, yes, for whatever reason the competitive instinct in them is so strong that they just have to be the first at whatever they do, don’t they?

    • @Suresh, given that there were only 55 words allowed, I will go ahead and be the ‘wise ass’ for this time πŸ˜‰

    • @Corrine, thank you so much, both for the post as well as the comments regarding the new look, I just added a couple of pictures with tag clouds of some of my latest posts.

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