Hasya Rasa – Draupadi and her laughter


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While it is a well known and accepted fact that Duryodhana was envious and jealous of his Pandava cousins, their exploits, their popularity and their general good fortune in life, there were a couple of reasons that he harbored a special deep rooted hatred and anger towards Draupadi, the wife of the Pandava brothers.

Once when Yudhishtira performed the Rajasooya yagna to proclaim himself the lord of all kings, he invited his Kaurava cousins to witness the yagna. Although Duryodhana had no real interest in the yagna itself, he wanted to see Indraprastha, the swanking new capital city of the Pandavas which had been built by the legendary architect of the Asuras, Maya himself. He had heard so much about the wonderous city and its various attractions that he wanted to experience it for himself.

Once he was there he was completely spell bound by the various illusions that Maya had created in the city. In fact Maya had built in so many illusions in the palace that he ended up being completely befuddled by them. When he was walking in the palace, he came across a room with an extremely shiny floor. Mistaking it for a pool of water, he drew up his clothes to ensure that they didn’t get wet, but it turned out to be solid marble and he felt extremely foolish at his actions.

Another time, he mistook an actual pool of water for solid marble, based on his earlier experience and ended up falling into the pool with all his clothes on. These incidents drew peals of laughter from his arch-nemesis Bheema and his wife Draupadi, who laughed the loudest.

As if this were not enough, Duryodhana walked into a wall which looked like a real door and hurt his head. More than his head, his ego was well and truly hurt when Draupadi supposedly commented “Trust the son of a blind man to be blind himself!

Draupadi’s laughter, her hasya, angered Duryodhana so much that he resolved to destroy the Pandavas and take away everything they ever owned. And thus the seeds of conflict were sown in his mind.


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42 thoughts on “Hasya Rasa – Draupadi and her laughter

  1. Again, a story I’ve read before, but …. very well related by you!
    This part of the Mahabharata is probably a way of promoting the belief that ‘woman is the root of all problems’.

    • @Proactive Indian, am not sure if that was what this incident was trying to highlight, but in my opinion this was just another reason that Duryodhana used to hate the Pandavas, their well being, and Draupadi a little more, that’s all.

      • Sorry, my wording was incorrect. It should have been: This part of the Mahabharata will probably be used to promote the belief that ‘woman is the root of all problems’.

      • @Proactive Indian, yes, that I agree with, this portion could probably be used to promote those kind of beliefs

      • Duryodhana’s bitterness dated back to their childhood. When DRITIRASHTRA was not crowned king , as per Vidur’s advice , he was upset but compromised to his fate but Duryodhana could not accept Bheesma’s love and affection for Pandu putra’s. Draupadi’s laughter angered him further but was not the sole reason for the enmity.

    • @Aditi, thank you, glad you enjoyed the post, and yes, please do catch up on all the posts and comment on all of them as well 😉

    • @Vishal, I don’t agree with that, she was in most cases just a victim of circumstances, that’s all. This whole opinion about ‘woman being the root cause of all evil‘ is something that I personally don’t subscribe to.

      • No! Dude! I am not saying that far away from that. I highly oppose fucktards who say women are face of evil. I am just saying what if Mahabharata was done in a way that she was evil and nothing do be done with her being a woman..like a warrior of sorts.hope misunderstanding is sorted and in same way, I wanted Raavan and Sister being brothers and sisters..and sister torn between love of brother and husband! Hope it clears out..lolz

      • @Vishal, point taken there. And wow, that is quite an imagination, Ravana and Sita being brother and sister and Sita torn between love for her husband and her brother. Wow, quite the lateral Ramayana there.

      • yeps! I am contemplating on a fiction on dis theme:) Another interpretation of Ramayana and dude, I have respect Ravana as a mythological figure a lot:)

      • @Vishal, there goes my big book idea. I will just have to figure out another theme for my first book now 😉

      • nah, nah! not all mine was contemplating a story for the blog..you go ahead with ur book since it will be bigger. I cannot compare myself to a prolific and talented writer like u:)

      • @Vishal, I was just kidding 🙂 I don’t have the necessary skills to write a book at this point in time 🙂

  2. That’s true. Draupadi’ immature comments have not just fueled the fire further between brothers, also created a bad example of laughing on someone’ else’ expenses. That was the reason that Duryodhana got the palace on fire latter and insulted Draupadi in front of everyone during the chausar victory!


    • @numerounity, look at it this way, even if Draupadi’s comments were innocent and were not intended to cause any harm, there already was enough hatred and envy in Duryodhana’s heart to make him do things to harm the Pandavas!!!

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