Through her eyes

Image courtesy; Chris Lofqvist
Image courtesy; Chris Lofqvist

When I watch the blood red sunset on the horizon, I am reminded of the scores of my brothers and sisters that the two legged creatures have killed for no good reason. It is almost as if their blood has mingled with the red setting sun to create this visual dance of death.

Was it our fault that our hunting grounds were depleted due to the heavy rains some years ago [Link to article]. Is it our fault that the two legged creatures continuously keep taking up more and more space for their livelihood and farming which effectively reduces our area of hunting for prey? What do we do when we are hungry and angry, we lose our cool and end up attacking them in self defense [Link to article]. For hundreds of years now, they have hunted us for our skins, our teeth, our claws, and our numbers have depleted so much that we only exist in 100s today all over the world.

Wonder when the two legged creatures will ever learn to respect Mother Nature and live in harmony with it.

Who am I ? I am Maya, the Royal Bengal Tigress who survived all that nature had to throw my way, including these meddlesome two legged creatures.

And these are my thoughts when I see the sun set over the horizon.

Image courtesy: wikipedia
Image courtesy: wikipedia


This post has been written for Cognitive Reflection : Picture Writing Challenge # 15 where the post had to be based on the picture at the top of the post.


11 thoughts on “Through her eyes

    • @Vishal, so true, man is probably the most selfish of all the species on this earth, we mindlessly destroy all other species for no good reason, quite a sad state of affairs.

  1. Hi, thanks for entering… I must apologise for the late response, your posts went to my spam filter and I have only just noticed them, I have rectified this now.

    • @moi, thank you, I was wondering why my name was left out but didn’t get enough time to ask you why 😀

      • I have added you on the following post now. I’ve no idea why the posts went to spam, I had not set it that way. a I say I have sorted it now that your posts don’t go to spam.

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