Revenge … delayed


Peggy was all alone in the coliseum, just as she had planned. After all what she wanted to do was best done in solitude without any witnesses.

She could hear the crowd chanting – Maximus, Maximus. Maybe it was her imagination or maybe it was because she was a direct descendant of Commodus who had been killed by Maximus Meridius in a contest centuries ago.

One thing was for certain, it was time for her revenge on Jonah, her boyfriend. She had asked him to meet her here today. Little did Jonah know that he was a direct descendant of Maximus.


This post was written for Friday Fictioneers – 11 October 2013 where a 100 word post had to be based on the picture provided at the top of the post.

31 thoughts on “Revenge … delayed

  1. So of course I had to stop by seeing that my name starts off your blog post 🙂 Great 100 words!! As a Peggy, I’ve been in the coliseum in Rome, so it’s very easy to imagine the chant of the crowd and watching the gladiators fight to the death!

    Peggy (from UBC)
    Peggy Nolan

    • @Milburn, thanks for stopping by, reading the post and leaving behind your comment, thanks for the kind words 😀

    • @Patrick, that is true, but having said that she is all the more wiser this time around, isn’t she, and revenge is a powerful master as well 🙂

    • @Katherine, absolutely, revenge is a dish best served cold is the precise saying that I had in mind when I wrote this story 🙂

    • @Kalpana, thank you so much, hope you have seen the movie Gladiator, and then you will realize the characters that I am talking about 🙂

  2. Dear Mahabore,

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers. Intriguing little story. Perhaps Jonah should’ve done some genealogy research before asking Peggy out in the first place. Good one.



    • @rochelle, thank you so much, yes, that would have been quite a sight, Jonah exploring Peggy’s entire family tree before he asked her out 😀

    • @sustainabilitea, first of all, your name is such an awesome play on the word 😀 welcome to the blog, thanks for reading the post and leaving behind your feedback 🙂 and yes, most of the times in life, what goes around comes around, that is Karma, isn’t it 😉

  3. Excellent tale of revenge. I like that we see it through a woman’s eye – and I like that you gave her such an innocent name: Peggy, so that when your story begins, we expect cupcakes not murder from her.

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