The end of an era

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9 thoughts on “The end of an era

  1. Indeed! I am sad. Great men like Sachin walks the earth once in a life time. The humility, hardwork and dedication is something we should learn:) I am reading his biography right now, A 100 100 Now:)

    • @Vishal, yes, men like him are rare and we are all lucky to have been born in the same era that he played for India

    • @Kalpana, yes it should, that being said do I sense a hint of disappointment at Sachin having taken so long to retire ? It’s Ok I am not a die hard fan of the man and can tolerate some criticism of him on the blog 😀

  2. I am a biggg bigggggg fan of Sachin! But at a certain point of time, wanted him to retire, because he being out of form and blocking the opportunity of many young players. But now when he retires, I am definitely sad! A legend he is….

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