Vidura – A Dharma Putra

Veda Vyasa had fathered four sons, one each for the values of dharma, artha, kama and moksha.

Vidura is considered to be the dharma putra of Vyasa Deva. Sage Suka is the moksha putra of Vyasa Deva. There were many times that Vidura could have left Hastinapura unable to bear the atrocities taking place there under the leadership of his brother Dhritarashtra and his son Duryodhana.

One instance could have been when Duryodhana, with the support of his father Dhritarashtra masterminded the most wicked terrorist act of the Dwapara Yuga – accommodating the Pandava brothers in a wax palace and attempting to burn them alive.

Another instance could have been when the daughter-in-law of the family Draupadi was dragged by her hair into the Hastinapura court by Duhshasana under the encouragement of Duryodhana and Karna when she was in her menstrual cycle and minimally clothed, and insulted publicly in court.

Another instance could have been when Yudhishtira asked for his kingdom back after completing twelve years of rigorous exile in the forest and one year of incognito life and Dhritarashtra still supported his greedy and wicked son in not giving even a needle point of space.

Another instance could be when Krishna was sent as an ambassador by Yudhishtira to Hastinapura to bring about peace and avoid war and bloodshed as far as possible, the way he was insulted by Duryodhana and his father Dhritarashtra.

Despite being a witness to these unrighteous incidents, Vidura being the ever calm and even minded person spoke to his brother Dhritarashtra and advised him to return the kingdom back to Yudhishtira which was his rightful claim. Β The embodiment of jealousy and evil, Duryodhana had even insulted Lord Krishna who had come as an ambassador to avoid war at any cost. Vidura persuaded Dhritarashtra to banish his son Duryodhana from Hastinapura and bring good to his dynasty.

Duryodhana on hearing this advice being given to his father insulted Vidura with wicked words like slave’s son, one who has allied with the enemies etc and with an unbearable anger he ordered his attendants to push Vidura out of the palace.

Hearing such insulting words and considering them as mysterious work of the Lord’s Maya, Vidura placed his weapons at the door of the palace and left for a pilgrimage. He dressed like an Avadhuta and visited many holy places like Mathura, Vrindavan, Govardhana and holy rivers and lakes.

When he reached the holy place Prabhasa he heard about the Mahabharata war and how Yudhishtira, the Dharmic King has started to rule the kingdom and also about the destruction of his relatives and friends. Then sad and silent he proceeded towards many other holy places and in course of time he reached a place on the bank of Yamuna river where he met the great devotee of Lord Krishna, Uddhava. Β He questioned Uddhava on the well being of all his relatives including the Pandavas and Lord Krishna. Β Uddhava informed Vidura that Krishna has left the earth after completing his duties of this avatar as well as the Pandavas. The whole Yadu dynasty was also destroyed by a curse which Krishna had known. Vidura was grief-stricken on hearing the news of the death of all his friends and relatives but by his power of discrimination he controlled his sorrow.

Vidura then pleads submissively to Uddhava to impart to him the supreme knowledge about the Atman which Krishna had revealed to Uddhava before leaving his earthly life. Uddhava informed Vidura that it is Rishi Maitreyi who is ordained to impart the knowledge of the Atman to Vidura because Uddhava had heard Lord Krishna commanding Sage Maitreyi to this effect.

Next Post – Vidura meets Sage Maitreyi and questions him

32 thoughts on “Vidura – A Dharma Putra

    • @Proactive Indian, this post was authored by my wife, if you see carefully enough you will notice that the author’s name is boredsuba πŸ˜€ And yes, Vidura is Dhritarashtra and Pandu’s brother by virtue of Veda Vyasa but his mother was one of the maidens of their mothers….

      My wife authors posts on the various stories from the Srimad Bhagavatham and this was one of them. She has promised to be a little more regular going forward, so you can expect more such posts on the blog πŸ™‚

  1. Wasn’t Ved Vyas the one who wrote the Mahabharata?
    Very interesting episode. I am liking how you both are bringing out these lesser known stories from the epic to us.

    • @Rickie, yes Veda Vyasa was the one who wrote the Mahabharata. And I will ask my wife to post more regularly πŸ™‚

  2. Sir, Nice post on Vidura. He is an embodiment of Dharma and it is said in Bharatam that Dhritarashtra actually calls Vidura to him whenever he wanted to listen about Dharma. Vidura not just advisaes trhe king on the right course to be taken but even gives him a piece of his mind when the old king swerves from the path of Dharma. He is one person in MahaBharata who stood by his dharma come what may.

    • @subramanyam Yes Vidura also advises Dhritarashra during his last days to take up vaanaprastha life and focus on God instead of enjoying pleasures in the palace. He was a Dharmic adviser to Dhritarashtra at many instances.

    • @Bhagyashree, the series on Rasas is still going on, I guess there are 2 more posts pending, and please do look forward to more posts from boredsuba as well πŸ™‚

  3. After these series are done, can you write some about Draupadi? I am more than curious about her life. From start to end. πŸ™‚

    • @Shilpa, well that is something that both me and my wife could explore writing about, various episodes from Draupadi’s life.

    • @ashreyamom, all I can say is that boredsuba has already started working on it, in the meantime you should probably see at least one more from the Nava Rasas in the Mahabharata series probably tomorrow

    • @Kajal, boredsuba is already working on the next post, should be up in a couple of days or so, in the meantime enjoy the continuation of the Navarasas in the Mahabharata series πŸ™‚

    • @alkagurha, the fact is that boredsuba is way more knowledgeable than me when it comes to mythology, the only catch is that she writes less frequently than I do and both of us are trying to change that. Glad that you enjoyed the blog πŸ™‚

    • @Vidya, will ensure that boredsuba reads this comment, she doesn’t quite like her style of writing too much and your words will go some way in letting her know that she has a good style of writing πŸ™‚

    • @Vidya, thanks for the kind words πŸ™‚ I will definitely continue to write more and post them on the blog πŸ™‚

    • @Vidya, thank you, πŸ™‚ although most of it is reasonably redundant, especially the whole banners and buttons for the various blog aggregators that I used to be part of at one point in time.

  4. Hi…I just have done doubt…and again this is as far as my knowledge about Mahabarat after seeing those telly episodes goes is: if vidur had renounced everything before the final war started…then who narrated the whole war to Dhritarashtra.

    • @Saurabh, first of all, hi, long time no see, hope things are good at your end πŸ™‚ and regarding your question, the war was narrated to Dhritarashtra by his charioteer Sanjaya who had been blessed with the gift of seeing events at a great distance. Read more about Sanjaya at this link

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