Daily Prompt : Addicting



This is a picture back from the days in 2005 when I used to smoke almost 25 cigarettes a day.

Love this picture for various reasons, firstly it was one of the earliest composed pictures that I have ever taken, second, the pack of Davidoff cigarettes was a gift from a friend whose brother had just come back from the US and man, were they awesome cigarettes or what.


This has been posted for Daily Prompt : Can’t get enough where photographers had to show ADDICTING

23 thoughts on “Daily Prompt : Addicting

  1. I like the composition of your photo, the graininess as an effect, and how it highlights and important message.


  2. I have never smoked and never really had the desire to try. I have allergies pretty bad so the smoke from my parent’s and sister’s cigarettes used to make me sick. That said, I think it is quite an amazing feat that you have quit smoking. Bravo to you! β™₯

    • @Richa, it wasn’t 25 to 0 in one day, it came down to 15 and then to 10 and then to 7-8 and then to 3 and then to 0 over the course of a couple of years, but yes, I quit πŸ˜€

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