The diary


Amsterdam in 1942 was not a pleasant place to be, especially if you were a Jew. Netherlands was controlled by the Nazis. The German occupiers implemented a policy of “enforced conformity” especially on the Dutch Jews.

Anne was all of 13 years old and dreamed of becoming an actress when she grew up. But the fact remained that one of the restrictions placed on Jews included restrictions on access to movie theaters.

She took out her diary. She stared at the blank page, unable to write a single word, even though she knew exactly what needed to be said.



The above is an imagination of what might have prompted Anne Frank to write a diary even when she was in hiding in Nazi occupied Netherlands during World War II.


This post has been written for the Write Now Prompt for October 11, 2013 where the post had to include the line – She stared at the blank page, unable to write a single word, even though she knew exactly what needed to be said.

19 thoughts on “The diary

    • @Vaisakh, for some funny reason I have always been a big fan of history and I guess it has a bigger influence on me more than I thought it did 😀

  1. It’s really an amusing coincidence that I was thinking of Anne Frank today morning and now you write this. Can you read minds? 😀

    Another coincidence is that yesterday I stumbled upon this website ‘Write Now’ and I thought I haven’t seen any blogger attempting prompts by this site, and you post this. 😀
    Now seriously, can you read minds??????????????????? 😀 😀 😀

    • @Shilpa, I wish I could, but that is quite some coincidence isnt’ it, both Anne Frank and Write Now prompt on the same day 🙂

  2. that was a crisp way of description. Just love the way you relate known historic events to match your prompts. Excellent….

    • @Pupz, thank you so much, yes, I do try to correlate most prompts to some known or obscure events in history so that I can either kindle or rekindle an interest for readers in them 🙂 glad you enjoy them 🙂

  3. have you read bookthief? Recently one of my friends said that she might run a post comparing anne frank with bookthief. In this too nazi setup exists…


    • @Richa, thanks for pointing me out to this book, will surely try and get a copy of it and read it sometime 😀

  4. Very nice job with the post. I wanted to let you know that your link on the Today’s Author site got caught up in the site’s filters and I didn’t notice until this morning. I’ve fixed that up and apologize for the inconvenience.

    • @Rob, thank you so much, and it’s not the first time my comment / link is getting caught up in the site’s filters 😀

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