A musical request

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You know S, it seems funny me writing this letter to you when I could just as well turn around and tell these things to you, but then Santulan from Write Tribe came up with the latest in his Letters Unsent series where we had to write a letter to our current love / spouse / crush or ex-love / spouse / crush. Since you fit into all six of these choices, here goes my letter to you.


Dear S,

One of the very first things that impressed me the most about you (even as early as the ponnu paakal [which for the uninitiated is the Tamil Brahmin Iyer way of the groom’s family visiting the bride’s family to see the bride, and fix the wedding]) was your interest in Carnatic music and the fact that you could not only sing but also play the violin. And later on when I learnt that you had actually passed an exam in Carnatic violin, my respect for you grew manifold. After all, you are well aware of the extreme levels of music ignorance that my family and extended family enjoy.

In any case, while it was not my expectation that you play the violin or sing for me every day, the fact remains that somewhere in my heart I did expect to hear more music in my life. However, professional life, the commute to work and the mundane chores of daily life caught up with both of us and the violin and the songs got relegated to a dusty corner of all the houses we have ever lived in during these last 6 yrs. That being said, the stints at various family weddings when you and your sis combined together to string up some beautiful songs, the CERA Family Day at Adyar last year when both of you rehearsed and sang that wonderful song from Mozhi remain memorable.

Putting all these aside, the last 7 odd days have been wonderful from a musical perspective. Starting sometime last week when you enquired about violin classes in the neighborhood to brush up your violin skills and the fact that you have dusted your old song book and sing at least once in the evenings during the mandatory puja of the Goddess during the Navaratri, my hopes in  you continuing down the musical path have been renewed.

Please treat this letter as a sincere request from a fan of yours who is desperate to hear you play the violin regularly again, and hear you sing again to please continue down this path of musical resurgence. What better way to use this post than to let you know that I really love your music and to ask you to restart that hobby of yours again.

Yours lovingly……J

36 thoughts on “A musical request

  1. Infact I am a bigggggg fan of her playing violin. But unfortunately , I haven’t got the opportunity to listen to it for years…

  2. So beautiful. S is so blessed a) to have this talent b) to have a husband who not only respects but in awe of her gift. My sincere request to S too, to start playing. I love people who love and practice arts of any sorts!

  3. fits into all 6 of these categories huh!!! that would be some story in itself…
    and as for the violin, she has my respect….

  4. what a musical Letter! commuting to and fro to work and completion of mundane but important chores leaves very little time and energy to pursue passion. Hope your better hald gets both , time and energy so that you can get to listen to her music.

  5. This letter is the best birthday gift ever. And I plan to make it a serious hobby 🙂 Thanks e-friends, for all the encouragement. I was depressed about my impending thirtieth birthday and this has surely lifted up my mood. Thirty is the new twenty what say!

  6. Oh so cute ❤ ❤ I am myself a trained classical singer and I know my husband is always wanting to hear a song or two 🙂 its super cute to read you treat yourself as a fan!


  7. i recently started learning music and veena.. right now struck at janta swaras.. i started it late, as i was brought up in a place where music and veena was taught only to Brahmins. now that i got a teacher who would teach to everyone, I started to learn.. :)..
    the songs of molizi had more effect on me than the movie.. somehow i still feel the movie could have been better..

    • @ashreyamom, well, yes, every movie can be made a little better looking at them in hindsight, right 🙂 having said that Mozhi was a nice movie which handled the script and screenplay and its characters quite well. I wouldn’t call it an outstanding movie but it was a nice movie nevertheless.

      And as regards your music and veena classes, all the very best with them, and am hoping you will enjoy playing music as much as you enjoy listening to it.

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