Projecting parental expectations

I love my Michael Jackson songs, McDonalds French Fries and lounging around in my boxer shorts at home. I hate rap songs with explicit racy music videos, self help books and people who spit in public places. The above is a small subset of my likes and dislikes and how I perceive the world. But the question is should my little two year old daughter also share the same likes and dislikes as me?

To find out my thoughts on this topic, please visit this blog where my guest post has been put up today [Link to post].


Sakshi Nanda, who I personally believe is a wonderful writer/blogger and an even more wonderful human being (evidenced by the topics she posts and the absolutely refreshing honesty and genuineness in all her poets) has been kind enough to post a guest post of mine on her blog, Between Write and Wrong. Do read her “About me” portion of her blog here and you will realize that she is not a person to be messed around with given her stint with English literature and publishing houses.

I sure hope that I am leaning more towards the “Write” side of her blog rather than the “Wrong” side πŸ˜€

Thanks once again Sakshi for hosting my post on your wonderful blog. Truly appreciate it.

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