Maitreyi explains the origins of Srimad Bhagavatham

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Rishi Sanatkumara accompanied by other Rishis once went to the underground world called Patala and approached Sankarshana to know more about Vasudeva the superior being. The rishis prostrated and praised hymns in praise of Sankarshana who imparted the Bhagavata to Rishi Sanatkumara. Rishi Sanatkumara taught it to Sage Maitreyi’s guru Sage Parasara who then taught it to Sage Maitreyi.

Brahma’s birth

At the end of a Yuga the whole universe plunges into the cosmic waters, which is called Pralaya. After Maha Vishnu spends a thousand chaturyugas in the cosmic waters in a slumber of self-awareness he gets up and views the universe in latent condition in Himself. With his power he creates a form of a lotus bud with its root in Him and enters into the lotus bud.

Then later the creator Brahma appeared in the Lotus, he is called self-born and an embodiment of Vedas. Brahma, after getting up did not understand anything about himself or the Lotus. Brahma was wondering, “Who am I? How has this Lotus sprung up from these water? What is the origin of this Lotus?

Thinking thus he tried to find the stalk of the Lotus but to no avail. After searching for a long time he abandoned his quest and sat in a meditative absorptional state for around a hundred years. The truth of the Lord as the indwelling spirit dawned on Brahma and he praises Maha Vishnu as the indwelling spirit and all-pervading Lord of the universe.

Maha Vishnu understanding that Brahma was lacking confidence in creation told him, “Practice concentration and self-absorption in me and then you will find the worlds within their ideal form with all obstructions removed. When your mind has reached to such a level of concentration that you see only me as penetrating the universe and yourself then you will also see the world and jivas resting in me. When aspirants see me as residing in all beings then they overcome their delusion. You will be able to engage in the creation of countless creatures and never be affected by the work of creation because your mind is always dedicated to Me alone. You have all my blessings and start creating all beings that have become latent in me.

Saying so Maha Vishnu left the place.

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    • @pixie, thanks a lot, my wife boredsuba is anchoring this series and is out of town for a week. This series should hopefully resume late next week onwards.

  1. No matter how many times I read these stories, I feel the same fascination each time. 🙂 One of Vidur’s (son) major interests is mythology. And I enjoy it all the time.

    • @Vidya, it is good that your son has an interest in mythology, not too many kids nowadays have those kind of interests anymore. Do encourage him to read some of my posts, and I am sure he will find them interesting and entertaining as well, at least some of the stories 😀

  2. Every time we read these stories, it opens a new ‘ayama’ or phase! Sometimes they appear to be a fantasy and some other times, they appear as the ultimate truth! Thanks for the post!

    • @Jyothi, the credit for this post goes to boredsuba, my wife, will surely convey your appreciation to her 🙂

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