Final few thoughts

The moment my stomach started churning and I started feeling queasy, I knew it was my last day there. This house had provided all the nourishment and food that I had needed ever since the time I was born. And today they had poisoned me with rat poison.

For whatever reason the inhabitants of the house always believed that I was out to harm them when in reality I was not. Neither I nor any of my kind are really harmful beings.

Who am I? I am Gecko, a common household lizard and I was about to die.


This post has been written for the Write Tribe 100 Words on a Saturday – 7 prompt. The post had to include the line “I knew it was my last day there” and was provided by Sugandha who blogs at Shades of Life.


43 thoughts on “Final few thoughts

  1. Hehe good one! Difft take on the prompt! N I don’t like lizards…I know they mean no harm but I’m so scared at the very sight of them! 😀

    • @Vidya, I like that, “someone else’s gecko” 😀 you make it sound like they are household pets and not pests 🙂

    • @Kathy, you have quite a vivid imagination and an awesome modus operandi to get rid of the poor common harmless gecko there 😀 am glad I am not a gecko who is anywhere near where you stay 😉

    • @Angelika, :D, everyone deserves some last words before they are executed, right, even the toughest of criminals 😉

  2. Very unusual and innovative take on this prompt!
    I remember somebody telling me that, before mosquito coils were available, people in some areas actually liked to have a few lizards in their houses because these lizards eat mosquitoes. Non-toxic mosquito repellents!

    • @Proactive Indian, yes, women of yesteryears never used to mind the harmless lizard as it used to keep away cockroaches and mosquitoes. It is only nowadays that we want to get rid of these ‘non toxic pest controllers’ 🙂

  3. Eeeek!!! 😮
    I couldn’t click ‘LIKE’ because I hate all creepy-crawlies…especially lizards. I actually faint at the sight of them and hence either my mother or Mr. Right have to get them out of the house.

    But really innovative mind you have…(me bows) 🙂

  4. Such a super cute name for a lizard – Gecko! And the lizard in the picture is cute too (I would never say that for a real one 😀 ) So bad its his last day there 😦

  5. Awww poor Gecko. I feel for it too. We lived in an old old house and learnt to live in peace with them. They’re not as bad as they’re made out to be.. Yours is exceptionally cute. :-).

    • @obsessivemom, coming from someone with a name like obsessive mom, all the readers of this post are hereby advised that the poor Gecko is a harmless little creature 😀

  6. I agree with Proactive Indian… lizards as ‘Non-toxic mosquito repellents!’
    Very true… but everyone hates the sight of them…
    wonderful take on the prompt

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