Eysium – missing the point altogether


Now anybody who has seen District 9 and is a big fan of Director Neill Blomkamp’s work or is a fan of Matt Damon’s work will surely get tempted by the poster above, which has Damon looking down at you and also the line which clearly reads “From the Director of District 9

But anybody who watched Elysium for these reasons will be surprised, and unfortunately the surprise is not a pleasant one. Read my review of Elysium at my other blog [Link to post]

10 thoughts on “Eysium – missing the point altogether

  1. I liked this film because I didn’t recognise the directors name and so watched purely as an ‘inevitably the worlds turned to shit’ sort of action movie. I thought Matt Damon handles playing an intelligent bad-ass really well. Not as clever as it thinks it is though is it :0/

    • @manchesterflickchick, even if I had watched the movie without any sort of expectations also, it probably wouldn’t have worked for me, especially the entire coup angle. I still am unable to figure out why that angle was necessary at all in the movie, or for that matter, even the romantic angle, what was that all about?

    • @Kajal, even hardcore Matt Damon fans will find it hard to digest this avatar of his, a completely wasted script 😦

      • I’m sad because, matt is always one person who seems to give so much to the camera. His devotion to the art is something that reflects in his roles. PLus he’s such a looker 😉

      • @Kajal, to be fair to Matt Damon, he does try really hard to do justice, but the script itself and the characterizations are so poor that he cannot do anything of note in this film, or at least I thought so.

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