Free giveaway of compilations

I just thought I will make things a little easier for all my mythology readers. I have compiled the Seven sins referred to in the Ramayana and Navarasas in the Mahabharata series as two separate compilations and have provided the download links in the post below.

Please note since WordPress allows only PDF files to be uploaded I have links only to the PDF versions here. Please leave behind a comment if you require any other versions of these compilations and I shall try and oblige you.

Click on the images below, download the PDF files and enjoy reading these stories again.

Seven sins in the Ramayana
Seven sins in the Ramayana
Navarasas in the Mahabharata
Navarasas in the Mahabharata

31 thoughts on “Free giveaway of compilations

    • @Vidya, well, I did want to go with ISSUU, but they have a limit on free downloads, and hence this route 🙂

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