God walks back into the pavilion

During  the course of his 20 yr old cricketing career, he had seen enough stadiums, played in front of enough crowds, amassed a crazy amount of runs, won many Man-of-the-match awards, but there was one thing that he had never managed to do.

He had never managed to perform so badly as to get the crowd to boo him off a cricketing field.

And that is the reason that he is called the “God” of cricket.



This post is my tribute to Sachin Tendulkar [Link to Wikipedia] who retires from cricket in a few days from now. Here’s tipping my hat to probably the best cricketer that my generation has had the pleasure and privilege of watching and enjoying.


This post has been written for the Trifecta Week 101 writing challenge where the post has to include the following definition of boo : to show dislike or disapproval of someone or something by shouting boo

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6 thoughts on “God walks back into the pavilion

    • @trifectawriting, I am not sure if you know but this sportsperson Sachin Tendulkar is somebody who is considered the best of this era in the sport itself, and this post was one of the small insignificant tributes to him

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