Clash of the morons


Mohan Narayanan (MoNa) had built quite a reputation as the most able administrator that his Municipal Ward had seen in the last 40 yrs. In fact so much so that he had won the last 3 elections and was pretty much considered the Godfather of that locality. And given that he had humble beginnings as a person who used to run a shop which sold iron cables and that his old moniker was “Iron Man”, he had come quite a long way.

Ganesh Rajan (GaRa) was different. Somebody from his family had been the Mayor of the city forever now. In fact his great-grandfather was the first mayor of this glorious historic city and then his grandmother went on to become the first woman mayor of the city. His father followed in this illustrious legacy until his reign as mayor was tragically cut short by a freak accident involving a tight leather belt, a sandalwood necklace and severe skin burns. His mother, although not the mayor herself exercised significant influence on the current mayor, who in any case suffered from a chronic severe laryngitis condition which anyways meant that he couldn’t talk for himself most of the time.

MoNa and GaRa were pitted in a head-to-head battle this time around as the iconic campaigners for their respective parties in the mayoral election this year. MoNa’s party had gone as far as naming him the official mayoral candidate from their end, despite the fact that he had done nothing of note beyond the boundaries of his Ward limits which ended with the dirty Sulabh Shauchalaya at the corner of 4th and 6th Main Road. And as if this wasn’t bad enough, neither of them had any clue as to what they need to address their constituents about and had a coterie of extraordinarily bad speech writers to assist them as well.

GaRa by virtue of his convent education knew a smattering of English and Science and therefore used to resort to terms such as “escape velocity” and “state of the mind” to end up confusing the already confused masses just that bit more. But MoNa was not to be left behind. He more than made up for the fact that he was uneducated by attacking the GaRa family legacy at every given opportunity.

In every speech of his, he would amplify his vitriolic against the “first family of the city” as he called them and criticize every word and every move that GaRa had made in the last few years.  So much so that by now even the crowds attending his meetings had started to moan the moment he used the term “that little prince” to refer to GaRa.

The elections themselves were only a few weeks away and by this time most people had even lost interest in this electoral battle they termed – The clash of the morons


This post has been written for the Three Word Wednesday prompt where it had to include the words amplify, criticize and moan and that is the reason these words have been specifically highlighted.

This is my first attempt at political satire and please pardon any minor indiscretions that may have crept into the post as a result of my uneducated attempts at humor 😀

37 thoughts on “Clash of the morons

  1. Well written. 🙂 why do politicians always talk about what their rivals did not do and what is wrong with them? Why can’t they talk about what they themselves did, their own credibility and what they can do? And if they own a tv channel…things get even better. The entire news bulletin is about the opposition or rather herein, rival. The smallest of things are blown up and a few people from the public who have the guts are paid to say derogatory stuff. Will this ever change? if politicians can concentrate on what they can do rather than what their rival is or is not doing. ..The country and people will benefit.

    • Sorry…just one more point:) even after a party comes into power, the oppostion is meant to be there to check on the governmental actions so that the people are not affected by them. Instead they seem to create problems by finding fault be it trivial or otherwise. Will the ruling party concentrate on thwarting these accusations or governing the people…

      • @Preethi, those are some lovely points that you have made in both your comments, and that precisely was the reason for this post in the first place. During an election campaign, rather than telling people what their election manifesto is and what they intend to do if they are elected to power, most candidates nowadays are busier raking up issues with the opposing candidates and are harping about all their misdeeds. There is just too much negativity in campaigning by political parties nowadays, isn’t there?

        And you make a wonderful point about the need for the opposition to be more constructive in their dissent rather than opposing just for the sake of opposing!!!

  2. Jairam , first you take on mythological and now political satire . You are raising your own bar standard. Loved this story and the way you have woven names like NaMo and RaGa, oops sorry MoNa and GaRa contesting for mayoral elections , is outstanding and brilliant. Please continue to feed us , your readers on the rich diet of your writings.

    • @Kalpana, glad you liked the post, this was my first attempt at political satire or satire in any form and I wasn’t quite sure how readers would like it 🙂

  3. This satire on elections is very timely. The elections in the country are round the corner. Your satire is a sort of warning to the electorate that none of the candidates talk what they will do, they only concentrate on the failures of the opposition candidates.. Very good humour .Your first attempt is marvelous.

    • @Usha Menon, well, that is so true, at least this time around the focus of almost all the candidates has been to criticize the opponent rather than tell the electorate what their plans are, and that is sad. Glad you liked my first attempt at satire.

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