The death of Duhshasana


On the battlefield, the initial few rounds were won by Duhshasana, Duryodhana’s favorite brother. Using his skills with the bow, he managed to cut off Bhima’s bow and injure his charioteer as well. Enthused by these results, he also managed to injure Bhima himself with his well placed arrows. Enraged by this onslaught, Bhima flung a well aimed spear at his opponent which was also promptly shot down into pieces.

Not to be outdone, Bhima took up his weapon of choice, the mace and hurled it at Duhshasana. The mace stuck the Kaurava prince on the head and he was thrown out of his chariot. Bhima then rushed at him and stuck blow after resounding blow with his mace. Thus Duhshasana was all but completely decapitated at the fury and prowess of Bhima and his mace.

Remembering the promise he had made to his wife Draupadi about avenging the horrible treatment meted out to her by the Kaurava prince, Bhima put one foot on Duhshasana’s throat, ripped open his chest and drank his blood.

“I regard the blood of my enemy to be sweeter than any other ambrosia or nectar that I have ever had the fortune of tasting” he said.

He then addressed the warriors present, all of whom were now scared of Bhima’s rage, and said “I have fulfilled the vow which I had made regarding Duhshasana and it shall not be long before I fulfill my other vow involving  Duryodhana.”


This post has been written for the Trifecta Week 103 prompt where the post has to include the following meaning of remember : to keep in mind for attention or consideration, which is why the word has been specifically highlighted in the post.

21 thoughts on “The death of Duhshasana

  1. Jairam,there is another version which I know. Bhima spills Dushana’s blood and carries in a vessel to Draupadi who washes her hair with Dushana’s blood to avenge her humiliation.

    • @Jyothi, am sure it was, but then all wars are gruesome, aren’t they? What with all the death, wounded soldiers and suffering!!!

    • @Corinne, I try combining as many prompts as I can with mythological stories, looks like it is a genre which I enjoy writing and a genre which the readers enjoy reading here as well 🙂 I am glad that you also like them 🙂

  2. I was discussing this a while back with some of my friends that it was Bhima who loved Draupadi the most amongst the pandavas. All incidents point in that direction…


    • @Richa, yes, Bhima’s love for Draupadi was the stuff that legends are made of, but did her love her more than Arjuna loved her, I don’t know. Will have to look it up for sure.

  3. I love this moment-by-moment account of the battle and how you express the passion and rage here, very nicely done! The use of the prompt is great, too. HOWEVER, for Trifecta challenges you are not allowed to change the word in any way, it must always be used exactly as in the prompt. If you managed to change this in the your story before deadline it can still be considered! I enjoyed reading and thanks for linking up!

    • @Diwakar, yes he did take some blood from Duhshasana and gave it to Draupadi to wash her hair with it, that was part of the vow

  4. Btw, Jairam, this was probably the origin of that phrase – Khoon Pee Jaoonga – as an expression of extreme rage in India. And I do not think there were any 2 versions. Both the vow of Draupadi to not leave her hair loose till it was laved in Duhshasan’s heart’s blood and Bhima’s vow to drink his blood were made at the same time – during Draupadi’s cheerharan. (And Bhima’s vow to break the thighs of Duryodhan with his mace as well when the latter slaps his thigh ans asks Draupadi to sit on it). So. Bhima does both – kills Duhshasan, drinks his heart’s blood AND carries some for Draupadi to wash her hair with.

    • @Suresh, :D, guess this is where Dharam paaji got his inspiration from.

      And regarding the blood being drank b Bhima as well as being carried back to Draupadi, yes, they are in the same version, it’s just that I chose not to mention the Draupadi part as I didn’t want the post to get too long that’s all 🙂

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