Surya – The special boy

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Today was the day that Surya would once again step out into the sunlight with confidence. He had decided that it was time that he put his unique gifts to good use and today would be a new beginning for him.


5 yrs ago when he was barely 3 yrs old was when Surya first realized that he was not like the other kids in the orphanage. While he had always been a little taller and a little faster than the other kids there, on that fateful afternoon he realized that he was very different from all the other kids there.

As usual, when the bullies, Arjun and Rafiq came to the playground and started pushing the other kids away from the swings, and the see-saw, Surya decided not to give in to their threats on that day. In his mind, he had decided that he would fight back and fight back strong. Little did he realize that ‘strong’ in this context held an entirely different connotation.

When he just gently pushed Arjun away, he ended up pushing him away a good 8 feet. It was lucky that Arjun was not badly injured as he managed to fall on his knees and hands only. Rafiq was not quite that lucky. He managed to catch Surya’s right elbow on his thigh and ended up fracturing the femur bone itself.

This incident shook Surya up so much that he ran into the prayer hall of the orphanage and straight into Father John’s arms. The Father consoled the small boy, gave him a hug and only smiled mysteriously when Surya told him that he didn’t mean to hurt Arjun or Rafiq quite as badly as he actually did. All he wanted to do was to prevent them from bullying him and the other smaller children.

Although the kid was only 3 yrs old, Father John told him then itself that he was not like any other ordinary child and that he was special. He also cautioned Surya to be very careful around other kids especially when he was outdoors in the sun.

After all, the old priest was the only one who knew for a fact that this was no ordinary human child and was alien in every sense of the word. Three years ago when the coastal town of Thoothukudi in Tamilnadu was ravaged by a severe thunderstorm due to the unexplained solar flares, Father John who had then been cycling back from a fishing village narrowly missed being stuck by a meteoroid the size of a large bean bag. When he went to explore the furrow caused by the meteoroid, he had come across this small infant who was as tiny as a newborn baby would be. The humble Father, believing this child to be divine ended up bringing him to his orphanage and nurturing him along with the other children.

Based on Surya’s quicker development of motor skills and his ability to be stronger and faster than other children his age, Father John knew that this was a special child and it was only a matter of time before the rest of the world would learn about him. What he was more worried about was whether Surya himself would learn to use his gifts wisely and for the better of the greater good rather than misuse them for his own benefit.

That playground incident forced Father John to tell Surya the truth about himself and encourage him to explore the true depth and breadth of his powers. In the last five years, Surya with the help of Father John had learnt quite a bit about his special abilities and based on the advice of the simple priest had decided that he would indeed use these powers of his for the greater good of the downtrodden people in society.


Today was the day that Surya would once again step out into the sunlight with confidence. He had decided that it was time that he put his unique gifts to good use and today would be a new beginning for him.


This post has been written for The Write Tribe Wednesday prompt – The Boy where the post had to be about the picture at the top of the post.

Obviously the story in this post is a straight life from the story of the origins of Superman where he is sent to Earth from his home planet Krypton and derives his powers from the yellow sun of Earth. But then, the story is so classic that I thought it might be fun to re-imagine the same in an Indian setting. For whatever reason the boy stepping out into the sunlight kindled in me the memories of Superman’s origins and hence I decided to stick with the idea for this prompt.


42 thoughts on “Surya – The special boy

    • @Bhagyashree, sequel, hmm, well, am not too good at writing stories in the superhero genre, I might just end up being influenced by the various movies that I have seen in this genre 🙂 but, thanks for asking though 🙂

  1. wow! Surya is indeed a special child , a gift to mankind from Sun God. and its wise that he has decided to put his special powers for the benefit of mankind. As usual Jairam too good.

    • @Vidya, yes, based on the comments, it does look like this character has some scope for future adventures, doesn’t it? 🙂

    • @dreamzandclouds, welcome to the blog, glad you liked the post, have read your post and commented on the same 🙂

  2. The idea of super hero is unique.The story is woven very intelligently. A follow up of the story will be interesting. Why don’t you try. Enjoyed reading this.

  3. Story has come out wonderfully well. The superman element of course apparent but its build up is quite good 🙂

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