Poisonous Morons


Stepping up his election rhetoric, Mohan Narayanan (MoNa), was always curious to know what primary rival in the elections, Ganesh Rajan (GaRa) was going to talk about in his next election speech. In fact the election campaigning by both the parties, its supporters and both these leaders had reached historic lows, so much so that they were picking on individual words such as ‘poison’ used by each other in different contexts and twisted them completely out of proportion.

For example, MoNa’s supporters claimed that the free medicines that were being distributed by GaRa’s ruling party were nothing short of ‘poison’ given that some of them did not even have expiry dates printed on them. Taking severe objection to this, GaRa’s party not only filed a complaint for defamatory statements against the election commission, but also started mentioning instances of ‘poisonous’ behavior by MoNa’s party when they were in power a good 9 yrs ago. All this dilly-dallying led to the inevitable war of words where both parties used every possible election rally venue and speech to deliver vitriolic speeches against each other.

While the electorate and the media had pointed out on numerous occasions to both these candidates and their parties that everybody including the electorate would be better off by having individual candidates and political parties presenting their manifestos to the people, and highlighting their plans in case they were elected, it seemed that this election season, negative campaigning was the flavor and was here to stay.

In fact, the noise from the speeches had reached such a crescendo that both candidates were now wary of actually being poisoned, quite literally by the enemy camp.


This post has been written for the Three Word Wednesday prompt where the post had to include the words, curious, inevitable and wary which is why they have been specifically highlighted in the post.

This is only my third attempt at political satire and has been encouraged by the kind words and comments to my earlier two posts in this series – Clash of the morons [Link to post] and Moronic pinnacles [Link to post]

28 thoughts on “Poisonous Morons

  1. Good to know that all three political satires have ‘moron’ in their titles, and in the story too. It shows you know your politics well. 🙂
    I like this piece a lot. You are very creative with prompts and even though the writing is effortless, I am sure you give every piece your all to create what we see. Very creative. MoNa and GaRa being a wonderful “flip”.

    • @Sakshi, thank you so much for the kind words. No, I don’t really know my politics that well, but it’s just that these news snippets were plastered all over the newspapers and news websites nowadays that it is next to impossible to miss them, and they found their way into the posts 😀

    • @Jyothi, they are getting on your nerves just because of my posts, then just imagine my plight given that I am so fed up that I actually am composing posts on them 😀

  2. The medicines that you mentioned without expiry date refers to these poisonous” politicians and their they will be in politics till their last breath. there is not expiry date for the politicians while other people (aam aadmi) has to retire at 58 or 60 years of life. nice post.

    • @Kalpana, yes, one wishes these stupid politicians came with an expiry date, which unfortunately Indian politicians don’t seem to have 🙂

    • @Soham, more like ‘the older they are, the more their brains ferment and rot’. They just seem to be getting worse with age 🙂

    • @Rachna, while that was unintended, what you say is so true, politics indeed is both poisonous and moronic, at least the version that is being practiced in India today 🙂 Nice point you make 🙂

    • @Sheethal, so true, for a majority of Indian politicians today 😀 and hence the series of ‘moronic’ posts from me 😉

  3. It was only yesterday that after almost 2-3 weeks that we got to sleep peacefully as the 3 autos that were on rounds with a Lotus, a Hand and a Broom each pasted and continuously blaming each other through the loudspeaker. These guys should be fined for doing this. Have dedicated stages to scream you lungs out instead of depriving us of our sleep. I feel really bad about those terrorists who dies in the Parliament attack. I honestly feel sorry because their plan did not succeed and these poisonous morons were left alive to suck our blood.

    • @Rekha, wow, such violent thoughts, now I can see why you hate politicians so much 😀 But seriously, something must be done about these jokers doing the rounds in auto rickshaws and other vehicles with their loudspeakers blaring !!!

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