Aerated regret

Image courtesy : Google image search
Image courtesy : Google image search

Looking down from the ‘other side’ Dr. John Pemberton thought to himself “Given a chance, I’d do things differently.

The fact that his invention Coca Cola was causing so many health hazards such as acidity, tooth decay, obesity and was found to be highly addictive due to its caffeine content was proving to be quite distressing to the good doctor.

While the fact remained that he invented the beverage as an opium-free alternative to morphine, he ended up marketing the same as a brain tonic that would cure headaches, relieve exhaustion and calm nerves, which in hindsight seemed so wrong.


This post has been written for the Write Tribe – 100 words on a Saturday prompt where the post had to include the phrase – I’d do things differently. This prompt has been provided by beautiful Aditi from Life is a journey, make it bea-you-tiful.

This post is an imagination of what Dr. Pemberton, the inventor of Coca Cola might feel if he had realized the kind of health hazards his invention has caused. While I enjoy the occasional aerate drink myself, the fact remains that in most developed countries, extremely aggressive marketing by these companies have resulted in severe health hazards from these products.

10 thoughts on “Aerated regret

  1. Ooooh, I love your take on this. Think the guy who invented the gun or some ancient form of it feels the same way??

    • @chaipakoraandgupshup, not really, the guy who invented the gun probably did it so that it could hurt, injure and kill, so am not sure he would regret his invention 🙂

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