A blessing in disguise

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Once when Urvashi was attracted to Arjuna, she approaches him in his chambers. Arjuna however rejects her advances stating that she was the muse of his ancestor Pururava, which made her almost like a mother to him.

Enraged by this rejection, Urvashi curses Arjuna – “Since you have disregarded a woman who has come to you of her own accord and at the command of your father, you shall have to pass your time among females unregarded, as a eunuch.

Little did Arjuna know then that this curse was going to be a blessing in disguise.


This post has been written for Write Tribe’s 100 words on a Saturday – 11 prompt where the post had to be about “a blessing in disguise” which has been provided by the awesome Shilpa Garg who blogs at ‘A Rose is a Rose is a Rose’.

I will publish a follow-up post with the entire story of this curse and how it turns out to be a blessing in disguise for Arjuna.

100 Words on Saturday - Write Tribe

36 thoughts on “A blessing in disguise

  1. Dude, you’ve got to stop leaving us with these cliff-hangers 🙂 When I saw the prompt, my thoughts were exactly the same as what Rekha mentioned. And you’ve woven it well !

  2. Niceee.. And true indeed ..just like our mothers used to punish us for so many bad habits she did not want us to continue..dat time it felt like she was such a cruel heartless person but now we know they are blessings in disguise..Liked your connect to Mahabharat

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