Securing her future

As soon as the initial euphoria of having a child wears out, one of the first things that hits all new parents nowadays is the fact that going forward a steady stream of expenditure has to be taken care of. Starting with settling the medical bills of the maternity home where the child was born, and moving on to the insanely expensive initial vaccination shots, each and every thing involving the new born child is expensive nowadays and even the most well off middle class family will have to surely start planning its finances. And that requires more than just a bit of financial discipline.

As if this was not enough, all of us parents nowadays want our children to have the ‘best childhood’ they possibly can even if it means spending more money that they currently possess. In fact I know of parents who do some of the most counter-intuitive things professionally to ensure their financial well-being. Why else would mothers of 3 month old children leave behind their infants at their in-laws or parents place and go aboard for a 18 month onsite assignment without any fly-backs. I mean, how can any mother bring herself to leave behind her nursing infant for such a long duration of time just to earn more money to secure her child’s financial freedom. But then, I personally know of more than one set of parents who have taken similar decisions. Such are the times we live in, where parents make all sorts of sacrifices to ensure that their children have a financially secure future.

In this backdrop, when Blogadda in collaboration with HDFC Life announced a blogging contest where we, as parents had to list down five special gifts that we wanted to gift our child with for a secure future, I immediately knew that this was going to be a golden chance for me to pen down my thoughts on this particular topic and share it with the rest of the blogging community.

The following are my selection of five special gifts that I would like to gift my two year old daughter (in no particular order).



Given that both my wife and me have been born and brought up in a middle class family, family and societal values played an important part of our growing up years. Basic values such as respect for elders, respect for teachers, being polite to others, being considerate of people around us, sharing with people who are less fortunate than us, were inculcated in us at a very young age. And we have found that these values have held us in good stead in our lives so far and have provided nothing but happiness and contentment all these years. It shall therefore be our endeavor to ensure that our little daughter also learns and inculcates these values at a young age, and the sooner they become a habit for her, the better it will be for her future.


In today’s day and age every girl must be empowered with enough courage of mind and mental fortitude to deal with the variety of situations that she will likely encounter through her life. Although it is humanly impossible to visualize of every possible situation and teach her specific strategies to overcome them, the fact remains that all these situations can be overcome by her if she has one important ingredient, courage.

By courage, I am referring to the ability of the mind to stay calm and composed despite the situation so that it is able to work out possible alternatives, select the most optimum one given the circumstances prevailing and to take necessary steps to face the situation. This is an important gift that I would like my daughter to have as a life skill.

Open Mind

Today’s world is filled with people who belong to different cultures, who speak different languages, who believe in different ideologies, who look different from each other and in such a multi-cultural world, it is of paramount importance that children develop open-mindedness at a very young age. Given that most children in cities nowadays are exposed to a mish-mash of various cultures, they need to learn to absorb the good features of all that they experience so that they are enriched by them. This is possible only when they are taught to be open-minded to everything around them.


Philosopher, writer, composer, Jean Jacques Rosseau famously said “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet” and he couldn’t have been truer. While most of us know that it takes time for our actions, our deeds to bear just rewards, we all tend to be impatient in our wait for these rewards to come to us, and as a consequence end up being cynical or pessimistic in our attitude towards life.

Both my wife and me will strive to teach our daughter that patience is probably the most important virtue that bind together all her other virtues in life. We will try and teach her to put in her best efforts at whatever she wants to do and then be patient enough for the rewards to manifest themselves to her in an appropriate manner.

Financial Security

While the rest of the gifts are mostly behavioral and personality related, the fact remains that financial security is probably the most important material gift that we can give our daughter. In this day and age, when everything keeps getting more and more costly by the day, it is imperative that we secure her financial future to enable her to pursue her dreams with confidence that she will not run out of finances while doing so.

And it is in this regard that HDFC Life with its innovative and easy to understand children’s financial plans, aptly titled Young Star Children’s Plans comes into the picture. While the basic plan itself assures a lump sum amount on the maturity of a plan, add-on benefits such as Accelerated Benefits, Maturity Benefit and Double Benefit provide additional benefits which parents can think about, discuss with the company’s financial advisors and opt for if they are interested.

HDFC’s Young Star Super Premium and Young Star Super II ULIP schemes are designed specifically to accumulate wealth for your child’s future by investing in market linked financial instruments which enable you to make money based on the market movements. More details are available at this link and this link. It is clearly visible that the company has made a number of plans to cater to all categories of people and is more than willing to work with all parents to help them choose a plan that matches their requirements appropriately.

In summary, I am more than sure that armed with the gifts of a good value system, a courageous nature, an open mind, a patient disposition and the financial security offered by HDFC Life children’s insurance plans, my daughter will go on to have an awesome future where all her dreams will be fulfilled.


This post is a part of the 1001 Gifts Activity by HDFC Life in association with BlogAdda.

8 thoughts on “Securing her future

    • @Vidya, thank you, it’s been more than quite a while since I participated in a contest, so just thought I would do it before I get rusty at it, that’s all 😀

  1. You are right! As parents we want the best for our children and often what we think is “best” are material things. Sure, material things are important but what you have listed are the most important things. Afterall, if we are not able to leave behind a good human being in this world, there is no point in procreation!! All the best for your contest!

    • @Meera, so true, while material things can be procured later on in life, it is these foundations that need to be laid right at their childhood itself, 🙂

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