Sirens Spell Danger – Book Review


When Suresh C ( put up a notification asking me to like a page on Facebook, it ended up being the page of a book, Sirens Spell Danger, an anthology of three stories of which he had authored one. Being a fan of his writing, I immediately knew I had to buy that book on my Kindle as soon as it was published. What follows is a review of the same.

The first story Femme Fatale by Suresh C is a breezy read dealing with the events that Vicky gets himself embroiled into because he couldn’t stop ogling at a girl in a bar. Narrated in first person by the protagonist, the story involves an international plot, an espionage angle and a damsel in distress. This was a good read, for sure, more so because it is a race against time, and any story which has the additional angle of lack of time always makes for interesting reading where the reader is rooting for the protagonist to beat the clock, so to speak.

The second story Bella Donna by Radha Sawana deals with a serial killer who leaves behind a calling card kind of clue next to the victims. Following the trail left by the killer, Shardul Reham, the conscientious cop manages to unravel more skeletons from the closet than he bargained for. A well researched, well thought out story which leaves no loose ends, and borders quite on the morbid side of the crime thriller genre.

The third story Bellary by Karthik L starts off with an interesting premise when Jay, an IB Agent is asked to go to Bellary to stop an impending terrorist threat by the ISI. What starts off as an interesting journey ends up being quite the ride of the young agent’s life. Unlike the other two stories which are fairly straightforward, the author here takes us on quite an entirely different tangent with a completely unexpected twist at the end of the tale.

Overall, this is a lovely anthology of three stories and is well worth the measly INR 99/- paid for it (USD 2.99/- in the US). Please do buy it even if you don’t have a Kindle, as you can download the Kindle Reading App from the Amazon website here and read it on the device of your choice. This is money well spent.

Buy the book here [Amazon link]

Disclaimer: If you purchase the book by clicking on the link above, I will get an Affiliate Commission from Amazon, but no additional charges will be incurred by you in the process.

Name Sirens spell danger
Author/s Suresh Chandrasekaran, Karthik L, Radha Sawana
Publisher Self published
Year published 2013
Goodreads link Link
Flipkart link
Amazon link Link

20 thoughts on “Sirens Spell Danger – Book Review

    • @Proactive Indian, if you are a fan of Suresh’s writing, then you will surely like the first story penned by him. The other stories are nice as well. Please do buy the book and you won’t regret it.

    • @Suresh, I had fun reading the book and the review also is quite objective, although I forgot to mention the fact that the cover itself didn’t quite appeal to me like the rest of the book did 😀

      • I LIKE that sort of slips of memory 🙂 Btw, I have no eye for visual arts at all – so I refrained from the cover selection and I cannot comment on your view either 🙂

  1. I have read only Suresh’s story so far and agree with your review about that story. Have to read the other two but year end is always hectic :). Nicely done review, Jairam!

    • @Rachna, yes Suresh’s story was nice, wasn’t it 🙂 And thanks for the kind words regarding the review itself 🙂

    • @Shelly, trust me on this when I say that the ebook is worth the INR 99/- one pays for it. All three stories are nice ones and surely worth a read….

  2. The book is well worth the price.. and more, agree with you wholeheartedly on that 🙂 Glad we know such creative bloggers aren’t we?

    • @Seeta, oh absolutely, I am guessing I was one of the first to actually buy the book from Amazon, I was just so excited and couldn’t wait to gobble it up 😀

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