Write Tribe Anthology

I happened to stumble upon this wonderful group of bloggers called Write Tribe [Link to site] approximately 4 months ago and participated in a couple of their writing prompts back then. Little did I know that my posts and subsequent writing would attract the attention of the senior members of this group Corrine [Link to blog] and Vidya [Link to blog] so much that they would induct me into the group itself.

And man, has it been a roller-coaster of a ride from there or what!

Starting with the first Write Tribe Festival of Words in September to the awesome weekly prompts to the second Write Tribe Festival of Words in December, this group has been providing me with ample motivation to keep churning out post after post on my blog. Further, it has also introduced me to a wonderful group of bloggers whose blogs are inspiring, touching, moving, funny, thoughtful and joyous, all at the same time.

Vidya, who just turned 50 celebrated her birthday by compiling a wonderful anthology of the best posts from all the members of Write Tribe into a free to download e-book [Link to PDF]. Please do download and read the same to understand why I am proud to be a member of this wonderful group of bloggers.

Alternatively, you could also click on the image below to download and read the PDF.


14 thoughts on “Write Tribe Anthology

    • @R’s Mom, thank you, please do download and read the same, there are more than a few wonderful blog posts in there 🙂

  1. Congratulations on being part of a amazing tribe. 🙂 Downloaded it, will surely read it.Has it been placed on good reads yet? If not place it for people to spread the word.

    • @Praveen, am not sure if this book can be placed on Goodreads as it is not a ‘published’ book in the correct sense of the word. But, am glad you downloaded it. Am sure you will like it when you finish reading it.

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