SkySerpents – Jash Sen : Book Review


Title : SkySerpents

Author : Jash Sen

Book Blurb : ‘One day they were here and the next day they were gone.’

The world is in great danger. Kali, the powerful god, has a new weapon—the deadly Skyserpents—and the avatar, Bilal, and his twin, Anya, are the only ones who can save Earth from complete destruction.

Hope exists; and if they succeed, more than one world can be saved.

In the second book of The Wordkeepers Trilogy, the twins’ journey takes them from the prison towers of Vishasha to Victorian London to the idyllic world of Alkapuri, where Anya learns a staggering secret …



After finishing The Wordkeepers, the first book of this trilogy by Jash Sen [Link to review] I simply knew that I had to read the next one, SkySerpents without fail. The simplicity with which the author lures us into the futuristic world of 2028 where the Earth is in grave danger and a silent war is being waged by Kali is awesome. The ease with she uses familiar names from Indian mythology and weaves these characters into an imaginative storyline has to be commended.

This book picks up the action right from the last words of the previous one and the action moves forward at reasonably breakneck pace as well. Starting in Vishasha and ending at Alkapuri, the legendary city of gold built and ruled by Kubera, this book takes us on a journey where the chosen twins, Anya and Bilal learn more about themselves, their powers and their roles in human history. Given that they are still confused teenagers, the way in which the author presents their characters and their maturity is very believable.

We are introduced to a couple of more familiar mythological characters, the names of whom I will not reveal in this review as it might end up being a spoiler. Suffice to say that this character is universally loved by one and all and am sure all readers will sport a smile whenever this character becomes part of the action in this story.

After having read these two books, my wait for the third and concluding part of this trilogy has become all the more painful and anxious. And given that the second book released only recently, am sure I will have to wait at least 6 months more 😦



Related information

Name SkySerpents
Author/s Jash Sen
Publisher Duckbill
Year published 2013
ISBN 13 9789383331062
Goodreads link Link
Flipkart link Link
Amazon link Link

16 thoughts on “SkySerpents – Jash Sen : Book Review

  1. This sounds like a fascinating world the author recreates in the book. I tend to love series because I become so enthralled with plot lines and the character’s lives that I want the story to go on after the book ends. ♥

    • @Kathy, do read the book if you are looking for a light breezy read which combines science fiction with Indian mythology. Although please note that the book is directed at young audiences, read teenagers and is therefore not too loaded with layers and meanings and things like that.

    • @Suzy, the cover depicts the antagonists, the SkySerpents and is supposed to look scary 🙂 Read the books if you want to read light hearted science fiction combined with Indian mythology, nothing too serious, just a fun read targeted towards young audiences 🙂

    • @Kajal, yes, it is quite a fun book, although do note that this is the second in the series, and I quite like both the books. Targeted at teenagers, just a bit of fiction woven around mythology, nothing too serious 🙂

    • @Shilpa, yes, both these books are breezy reads without being too serious, and are targeted at young readers. Am sure you will enjoy them a bit 🙂

    • @Corinne, well, given that she has six more months to go before her third book in the trilogy, I am guessing she is taking things easy on the book review front right now 🙂 Not that I know her, am just guessing, that’s all

    • @Proactive Indian, that’s ok, these books are anyway targeted towards the younger audiences who are not looking for anything really serious to read, just quick breezy light reads, that’s all 🙂

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