The Syamantaka Saga – 05 – Krishna’s plan


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Andhaka, the Yadava elder was of the opinion that when a person who was as gifted as Akrura was because of his birth, it was inevitable that Dwaraka would face scarcity and the vagaries of nature when he fled from the city. He was of the opinion that Akrura should be brought back to Dwaraka for the city to see her glory days yet again.

Agreeing with Andhaka’s sound advice a group of Yadavas went to Akrura and assured him of his safety and well-being at Dwaraka and brought him back to the city. And just as the Yadava elder had foretold, his coming back to the city ceased the plague, dearth, famine and all other calamities, due to the magical powers of the gem that he carried with him.

Krishna observing this phenomenon was not fully convinced that Akrura enjoyed these wonderful powers simply because he was the progeny of Swaphalka and Gandini. He suspected that Akrura had the Syamantaka gem with him and that was the real reason for his prosperity. He also knew for a fact that Akrura had been performing various religious rites and performing a whole lot of sacrifices over very many years, despite his own means being insufficient for such expenditure. He therefore decided on a plan of action.

Yadava_assemblyUnder the pretext of a festive celebration, he called all the Yadava elders to his house including Akrura. When they were all seated and were at ease, he started a conversation with Akrura and told him “Oh noble Akrura, we are all aware of the fact that Satadhanwan gave you the Syamantaka gem for safekeeping before he fled Dwaraka, and it is now in your possession, and has provided good fortune and benefits to us. So let it remain with you only, so that we may continue to derive its advantages from its virtues.

But my brother Balarama still suspects that I have it with me. Would you therefore just show us the gem so that my brother’s doubts are assuaged and my guilt is cleansed?”

Akrura was now put on the spot. He was stuck in a situation where his mind was filled with conflicting thoughts. “If I deny the fact that I have the gem with me right now, I might be subjected to a search. Apart from the humiliation of a public search, when they do find out that I have the gem, my honor will be lost.” Thinking so, Akrura replied to Krishna “It is true that Satadhanwan gave me the precious gem for safekeeping before he left Dwaraka. I have been waiting all these years for you to ask me about it. Every moment that I have had the gem, the burden of keeping it safe has been a heavy one for me. I have not enjoyed even the simple pleasures of life and have not known a moment of ease all these years.”

Saying so he took the gem out from his garments and presented it to Krishna “Give to anybody you please Krishna” he said.

When the Yadava elders beheld the precious gem, they were filled with astonishment. Almost immediately Balarama claimed it as his property jointly with Krishna, as had been agreed upon before they embarked on the quest to find Satadhanwan and the gem. At the same time, Satyabhama claimed the gem as her property by virtue of the fact that it originally belonged to her father Satrajit.

<<Part 4 of the story | Part 6 of the story>>

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