Varaha Avatar – Part 3 – The Means To Salvation


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When they were cursed by the sages, Jaya and Vijaya realized the gravitas of their mistake and begged the forgiveness of the holy men. While they realized that a Brahman’s curse cannot be withdrawn, they requested that they don’t forget the supreme personality of Lord Vishnu even in their mortal bodies.

As the doorkeepers were requesting this from the sages, Lord Vishnu walked out of the seventh entrance to greet the sages. The sages were greatly enamored and enraptured by the presence of Vishnu himself and sang his praises in the form of hymns which described the wondrous beauty of the Lord in many words.

Vishnu told the sages that his doorkeepers, Jaya and Vijaya, by virtue of being his devotees as well as his doorkeepers, the offense committed by them to the holy men was nothing short of the offense being committed by Vishnu himself. While he approved of the punishment meted out to them by the sages, he requested them to modify the terms of the curse such that both Jaya and Vijaya’s terms of exile from Vaikunta would be reduced and they could soon return to his service.

The sages, unnerved by the sheer presence of Lord Vishnu and truly humbled by his excellence sang hymns in his praises and also offered to withdraw their curse to the doorkeepers if he so ordained it.

To this statement of theirs, Vishnu replied that Know that the punishment you inflicted on them was originally ordained by me, and they shall therefore take birth in a demoniac family. But they will remain united with me in thought through mental concentration intensified by anger. They will soon return to Vaikunta as well.

Brahma then continued with the story where he informed the demigods that Jaya and Vijaya were now in the womb of Diti, conceived as Kasyapa’s sons. Having heard Brahma’s story regarding Diti’s pregnancy, the demigods were relieved that all of these occurrences had happened with the complete knowledge of Vishnu and their fears were assuaged to a large extent.

<<Part 2 of the story | Part 4 of the story>>

11 thoughts on “Varaha Avatar – Part 3 – The Means To Salvation

  1. Thank you thank you..and you now know why right?
    Of course, I have changed a bit when I told R…didnt want to tell her about Diti’s lust and stuff :):)

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