The dream

Jamshed or ‘Jammy’ as he was fondly called by all his friends was having quite a ball this particular Sunday. Both his parents had to attend a wedding and were off from quite early in the morning and also had another reception to attend in the evening as well. Now Jammy had finished most of his exams and had only one English exam on Monday which anyway didn’t need any preparation.

Being home alone on a Sunday was quite a bit of fun. While the evening was reserved for the India vs Sri Lanka 20-20 World Cup Final match on television, the rest of the day was spent in Jammy lapping up the latest summer / spring fashion trends in Milan, Munich and Paris. His special interest in these collections had more to do with raging hormones and the skimpily clad female models on FTV rather than the clothes themselves.

It was only at around half past five in the evening when Jammy noticed the message that his friend Balu had sent “Why did Maya have to worry so much about her revenge? She was after all a yogini and could have easily killed Riddhiraj using her powers…grrr”  And that was when Jammy realized that he hadn’t studied “Maya’s Revenge” by Deepika Ahlawat which was one of the books for tomorrow’s exams.

As it is he had always hated history and legends, and given that this book was set in an India that was a federation of princely and republican states and involved more than its fair share of names of kings, kingdoms, princes, and other assorted characters, he hated this book just that little more. All through the classes when this book was discussed, Jammy had either dozed off or had doodled on the margins and the few blank pages in the book. He didn’t know anything about the book except that it dealt with Maya who wanted to kill some prince, that’s all.

Now Jammy had written the rest of his exams quite well and didn’t want to screw up the English paper just because he had put off reading the book and discussing it with his friends. While he was a smart kid, his habit of procrastinating things had finally come to bite him where it hurt the most; his academics. Clearly he had dropped the ball when it came to preparing for this exam and while he was panicking trying to figure out the best plan of action, his television suddenly switched off, the lights in his room dimmed and a blue haze/smoke started coming in through the window.

It was only around six in the evening, but the moonlight was streaming into the room, so much so that Jammy thought he could actually see the old lady on the moon. And then all of a sudden, a white ghostly apparition (just like Casper, the friendly ghost from the television series) appeared in front of him. He recognized her from the book cover; she was Maya, the main protagonist of the book.

Although he was more than a little disturbed at what was happening, Jammy was also curious to figure out what Maya was doing here, in his bedroom. And as if she could read his thoughts she started talking “I am here because even if you don’t necessarily have an interest in my story, you need to understand that you are imperative to my ultimate goal of taking revenge.”

This completely freaked out Jammy. While it was one thing for a character from a book to suddenly come alive in his room, to actually hear her talk, and that too respond to something that he had thought about was a little uncomfortable. “Don’t worry Jamshed. I am here because you are the only one who can help me out with my quest” she smiled.

He took a long breath and suddenly in the blink of an eye, both of them were transported to another place in another time. He was no longer in his room, but instead was sitting on a sofa which was covered with what felt like really costly velvet covers. The rest of the room was also quite opulent in its design, the upholsteries, the chandeliers, the silverware on the table, the marble flooring, all of it looked quite costly.

While Jammy was wondering where they were, Maya said “Jamshed, welcome to my home, Sheerpur. You are now in my room at the Sheerpur palace. And if you are wondering why you are here, that is because I have spent my childhood here and all my early memories belong to this room.

By now he had completely lost his patience with this one-way conversation where she was actually responding to his thoughts and closed his eyes tight.

He was rudely shaken awake by strong arms shaking him by the shoulders. “Wake up Jamshed. What are you doing sleeping so early, that too with FTV playing on the television?” his father shouted “Don’t you have your English exams tomorrow?”

Fully awake, when Jammy jumped out of his couch, the book Maya’s Revenge fell off his chest to the floor. The cover seemed to have slightly changed. Maya now looked like she was smiling at him.


This post has been written for the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts where the idea is to publish at least one post a day based on the prompts provided.

Today’s prompt was to visit my favorite blog, select the third post, select the third sentence from that pots and weave it into a post of my own.

Since I have more than one favorite blog, I selected the following three posts from three dear friends of mine, and weaved three sentences into the above post. The sentences themselves are in red font.

Sakshi Nanda : Book Review of Maya’s Revenge by Deepika Ahlawat

Sid B : Fashionista? I think not

Rekha : The stool


9 thoughts on “The dream

  1. Jairam, that was excellent. What happens in Vegas remains in Vegas, but I HAVE to say this here – God bless you for being an errant knave and then a saviour too. 😀 This was very well-done, and in record time too. Thank you!!

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