Onus of the oath – Part 4


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It was on one such day when Bhaskaran had one drink too many in the morning that things came to a boil. When one of the visiting Asst Commissioners addressed him by a derogatory term used for tribals, Bhaskaran completely lost his temper and ended up slapping the officer and engaging in fisticuffs with him in the police station itself. This automatically earned him a suspension and although the ACP tried to dismiss Bhaskaran from the force itself, he managed to end up with a suspension for three months.

To add to his woes, and with the sole intention of extracting his revenge from Bhaskaran, the ACP in question managed to get him transferred to his jurisdiction and today was Bhaskaran’s first day back at work after the period of his suspension.

The ACP immediately gave him an assignment to head to the check-post on the highway and check all vehicles for illicit liquor despite the fact that it was raining quite heavily. The fact that such an assignment on a rainy day was nothing short of a ‘punishment assignment’ was not lost on Bhaskaran, but he had the good sense not to show his frustration in front of the ACP and started driving his jeep towards the check-post.


It had been hardly five minutes since Ravi started his long drive to Kochi when he heard his phone ringing. He quickly pulled up to a side of the road and answered the call. It was one of his friends from Kochi calling him to tell him that his father had met with an accident where a drunk driver driving a construction crane ended up crashing into his father’s car. His father had suffered grievous injuries and the doctors had given him less than a few hours to survive.

Despite being taken aback by the news, Ravi composed himself somewhat enquired about how his mother had taken the news and his friend informed him that she was in the hospital outside the Critical Care Unit. Ravi then hung up after having told his friend that he would be back home as soon as he possibly could.

Pulling himself together, he then started driving through the pouring rain to Kochi, hoping that he could reach home before the situation got any worse.


Read the rest of the story here – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Disclaimer: This novella is based on a popular movie, the name of which I am not going to disclose here. I have taken a couple of the plot elements from the movie, modified them, added some background of my own and penned down this novella. Advance apologies for any fans of the movie who might be reading this novella, the intention was not to dilute the movie in any form or fashion, but to reinterpret some plot points using my imagination.

16 thoughts on “Onus of the oath – Part 4

  1. Well Jairam Sir – if you can compress a 150 mins film into six blog posts then you are a star of precis-writing 🙂 Awaiting the final two episodes of the tale 🙂

    • @Mahesh, well, it is not a precis of the entire film, but more like my own interpretation of some of the incidents in the film, that’s all 🙂

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