Onus of the oath – Part 5


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Standing in the pouring rain with a Duckback raincoat that only just about managed to keep him dry, Bhaskaran took out all his frustrations and ire on every vehicle that was passing through the check-post. He was determined that if he didn’t have a good day today, neither would anybody who dared to drive a vehicle past him that day.

This invariably led to a long queue of vehicles, including the big 7 tonne and 9 tonne trucks which regularly plied on this route carrying vegetables and other assorted goods between Tamil Nadu and Kerala. As it was the rainy season and the roads had not been maintained well, it meant that the queue of vehicles extended to almost 2 kms beyond the check-point. And given Bhaskaran’s foul mood, it was only bound to get longer.

It was in this melee that Ravi suddenly found himself stranded behind a long line of trucks around 2 kms before the check-point. He quickly got out of his car, ran a couple of meters ahead and asked a truck driver what was happening. And on being informed of the traffic jam, he drove into the opposite lane, past all the stationary vehicles. He reached the point where the policemen were standing, got out of the car and requested them to check his car and let him through as he had a medical emergency to attend to. One of the constables knew him as the doctor from the Nightingale Medical Center and obliged him by proceeding to check his car.

However, Bhaskaran, on having noticed that Ravi’s car had cut through the existing queue and had come to the check post from the opposite side of the road quickly came up and stopped the constable. He smirked at Ravi’s urgency and claims of a medical emergency, and rudely asked him to drive all the way back to the end of the queue and follow it. Despite Ravi’s persistent pleas and constant requests to be granted a respite from following the queue, Bhaskaran’s foul mood meant that he had to drive back all the way. This ended up in him having to wait a good two hours more before he could drive through the check post.

And finally when Ravi reached Kochi a good 6 hrs later, he walked into the weeping arms of his distraught mother, who told him that Dr Sudheesh had passed away just 10 minutes ago.

He had lost the one chance that he had to reconnect with his father and finally be a son to him.

He blamed only one person for this missed opportunity, Circle Inspector Bhaskaran.


Read the rest of the story here – Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

Disclaimer: This novella is based on a popular movie, the name of which I am not going to disclose here. I have taken a couple of the plot elements from the movie, modified them, added some background of my own and penned down this novella. Advance apologies for any fans of the movie who might be reading this novella, the intention was not to dilute the movie in any form or fashion, but to reinterpret some plot points using my imagination.

14 thoughts on “Onus of the oath – Part 5

  1. Oh that was a bad one.. waiting to see what the last part has in store. Btw I have a friend named Ravi Bhaskaran, so this sure makes an interesting read for me 🙂

    • @Seeta, the last part is quite an anticlimax in the sense that readers will either completely hate me for what I am going to do there, or they will contemplate on the story so far. Will be published on Friday morning 🙂

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