Vamana Avatar – Part 3 – Bali fulfills his promise


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Angered at Bali not heeding to his warnings, Sukracharya cursed him – Since you are impudent enough to disobey my order, you will very soon be bereft of all your opulence and wealth.

Undaunted by this curse, Bali proceeded to wash Vamana’s feet and fulfill the promise made to him. Vamana then started increasing in size until everything in the universe was within his body, including the earth, the planetary systems, the sky, the directions, the black holes, the seas, the oceans, the birds, the beasts, humans, the devas and the asuras.

Manifesting himself in this manner, Vamana covered the entire surface of the earth with his first footstep and the heavenly planets with his second step.

Angered by the fact that their king was defeated by Lord Vishnu in the form of a young brahmachari, the asuras started fighting with the devas. Noticing this Bali expressly forbade them from doing so.

Vamana then addressed Bali You have promised me three steps of land, but I have occupied the entire universe with just two steps. Now, tell me, where do I place my third step? Because you have been unable to give charity as per your promise, the rule is that you should go down to live in the hellish planets for some time.

Undaunted by the young brahmachari’s words, Bali told him I cannot allow my promise to be false. Please, therefore, place your third footstep on my head.

I don’t fear being deprived of all my possessions, living in a hellish planet or being punished by you as much as I fear being defamed for being called a liar.

Pleased with Bali’s magnanimity and his devotion to being truthful, Vamana then asks him to go live in peace for the rest of his days in the planet Sutala unencumbered by the travails and troubles of being the asura king. Thus, Lord Vishnu delivered the proprietorship of the heavenly planets to Indra and fulfilled the promise that he had made to Aditi, the mother of the devas.


14 thoughts on “Vamana Avatar – Part 3 – Bali fulfills his promise

  1. Wonderful narration Jairam and because Bali surrendered himself to Vamana he is given as an example for atma nivedanam pne of the processes of bhakti 🙂

  2. I know I know..repeat comment, but thank you..this shall be told to the brat today night *does a little jig about not having to come up with a story*

    • @R’s Mom, appreciate the fact that you take those 30 seconds out to type that comment for every post of mine that you like 😀

    • @Beloo, welcome to the blog, thanks for taking the time out and leaving behind your comments. There are already more than quite a few posts in the mythology section on the blog right now. Read and enjoy all of those 🙂

  3. Loved it!
    Like I mentioned before – Vamana Avatar is seriously underrated.
    Next Parashurama – the warrior with an axe. 🙂

  4. Read all the three parts in one go and relived my childhood days.
    Bali’s heart is so magnanimous despite knowing that he would lose everything asked Vamana to place his foot on his head just to keep up his promise.

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