Guest Post : Idiots’ guide to ladies’ lipsticks

This time around my favorite guest author tackles an important topic which always flummoxes husbands and boyfriends alike, the choice of lipsticks that all the lovely women in our lives make. He provides some easy to understand and follow tips on how we can help our ‘significant others’ enjoy luscious lovely lip shades which last longer and look lovelier.


One of the recent issues of BusinessWeek carried an important article that I very much want to bring to the attention of you dear readers. They have compared this season’s brands to test for which lipstick brands did not require constant touch-ups from 9 am to 5 pm. (I wish, we get Testing projects like that here in Cognizant. Everyone will want to get into Testing then.) The winner was Chanel and the worst performing brand was L’Oreal.

For those of you, who bought into brands simply because Aishwarya Rai or Katrina Kaif said – “You are worth it!” need to understand that these brand ambassadors are getting paid to sell. Never ever buy something after being impressed by an advertisement or the model endorsing it. The most cost effective way would be for you to look around and check who is wearing the most ghastly lipstick. Ask her for the brand name. Make a note to self to never buy it. Through this process of elimination, you will arrive at a shortlist of brands and shades that you can consider.


These tips will help.

1. ‘Fifty shades of Grey’ was written by someone who spent too much time in the lipstick counter in Health & Glow. The best thing for you to do is to spend some quality time going through the displays in the counter. When no one is looking you can even try out some of the sticks there. In fact, if you go to Shopper’s Stop, you can get your entire make up done (applying skin serum, foundation, eye shadow, eye lining etc.) free of cost at the trial counters. Don’t try it every day. They may find out.

2. It will be best if you take the guy who seeks your heart along with you. There are 70+ lipstick shades available. You will need to make use of both his hands to test the different shades. Doing it on your own skin is a risk. Further, it is also a good test of his patience. I mean, a guy who can’t spend 3 hours with you choosing a lipstick shade, has no business looking to spend a life time with you, right?


3. The shade that looks great in the shop will look awful when you apply it at home. Show me a girl who is happy with her lipstick brand/shade. I have not yet come across one so far.

4. Don’t be swayed by shade names like – ‘Butter Shine’, ‘Hydra Lustre’ and so on. To explain, ‘Power Star’ Srinivasan is neither a ‘Power’ nor a ‘Star’.


5. As we have free internet in office, use to find out a suitable shade (based on your complexion) before you actually go shopping.

6. If you are really money savvy, you will choose your shade from the Revlon site, but you will buy the shade from the more economical Eyetex Dazller range.

7. Avoid using black or dark shades especially if you are in Testing. As it is, developers are scared of you.

No. I am not going to advice whether you should use a Lip Liner, Lip Gloss or Lip Color. You can’t get everything free from me. Please engage our Business Consulting team if you need a deeper study into this subject.

20 thoughts on “Guest Post : Idiots’ guide to ladies’ lipsticks

  1. I like point 4 and 6. 🙂
    The writer of this post must be “guiding” the women in his house in the selection of the right, non-ghastly, complexion-friendly shade of lipstick available. I can so sense that, though I cannot see how the women feel about it! If not, Revlon should employ him for their swanky stores. 😀
    I enjoy my lipsticks as much as I enjoy testing them in super-lit stores. I especially enjoy berries. Dark ones, you know! Forms of expression, all. A creative freedom involved too, maybe? Although, I have only 5 shades in my vanity case. I must be too picky!
    Interesting post!

  2. That’s quite some advice and m sure ull make a good brand ambassador and consultant to make the ladies shine. I can’t say more since I don’t know the subject but enjoyed the post on Sunday. Light read:)

  3. I am going to make sure i keep these points in mind.. I cant say anything else, since i don’t use a lipstick…

  4. Point no 3 – bang on. Off to Shoppers now while trying to keep in mind all you’ve prescribed. 😀

  5. lol.. i agree i am never satisfied with the lipstick shade i buy, i get bored of it very easily. I always wish somebody gifts me sample size testers, and asks me to choose one by using it.. then i would religiously buy that company’s products. Sometimes its with impulse i buy the lipstick, regret while paying the bill and cry when i have throw it without using it much as its expiry date is nearing soon.

  6. Well. I am a one lipstick woman 😛 I ensure I buy a shade that goes with anything and everything. Now I wonder what that says about me 😛

  7. I enjoy wearing lipstick! Makes me feel pretty! (But, then so do shoes! :P)
    I used to wear it everyday almost everywhere before and now, its just when I head out. 😀

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