Wishful thinking


As the chauffeur pulled the Silver Grey Toyota Fortuner through the wrought iron gates into the semi-circular driveway, I hit on the power button on my iPad which automatically put it into sleep mode. The weekend had just begun.

Getting out of the car, I walked up the six odd steps to the doors which detected my entry via the RFID device embedded into my wristwatch, and automatically slid to the sides opening up into what I called the ‘footwear room’. Quickly sliding off my shoes and putting them in their rightful place, I took of my socks and threw them into the laundry chute which automatically zipped them into the washing machine located in the ‘gadgets room’ on the first floor.

Stepping on to the escalator I went up to the second floor, to my walk in closet and changed into my favorite Iron Man tee shirt and Adidas Three Stripe shorts. Picking up the latest issue of The Economist magazine which was kept on a magazine rack just outside the closet, I headed into the ‘gizmo room’ right next door where my wife S was sitting on her iMac doing her work.


Seeing me, she quickly wrapped up her tasks, and we headed to our little daughter’s room through the connecting door between the bedroom, the gizmo room and our little one’s play-area. Little R was having a ball of a time with one of her friends running up the steps and down the molded plastic slide which was bang in the center of the room. Noticing both of us walking into the room, she rushed up to her mother and engulfed her with a big hug. She knew that this officially marked the end of her playtime and that it was time for dinner.

After bidding her little friend a goodbye sealed with a promise to meet on the next day, R joined us when we went down another escalator to the dining room. The chef had already prepared dinner as per S’s specific instructions and also knew that I would be having dinner soon, already alerted by the main doors when I walked home around 10 mins ago. He had therefore added his finishing touches to all the dishes, garnished the same as per our individual preferences and had just about plated the food as well.


A hearty meal topped off with some lovely customized dessert was then followed by the three of us catching the latest animation flick on our lovely 52’ curved LED TV. Knowing that it was the beginning of the weekend, the online streaming service to which we had subscribed to ensured that we enjoyed a commercial-free HD print of the latest Pixar movie with sub-titles for the next couple of hours. And as programmed, the movie stopped at exactly those moments when we wanted to take a bio-break and grab a refill of our favorite beverages and snacks as accompaniments to the movie itself.

By the time the movie was done, little R was almost dozing off on the couch and S and me took turns of carrying her back to the bedroom on the escalator. After all, despite all the technology, there is no greater joy than putting your child to sleep on your shoulders with your bodily warmth, is there.


In case you readers were left wondering just what the hell I was rambling about in this post, today’s prompt reads “You win a contest to win a dream home. Draft the plans” and this was my version (an abridged one, mind you) of some of my most materialistic dreams for my home.

It would be interesting to read about what all of you have in mind when it comes to a dream home. Feel free to let your ‘designer instincts’ loose in the comments section below.


This post was written for Project 365 : A post a day where the aim is to publish at least one post a day based on the prompts provided.

20 thoughts on “Wishful thinking

  1. So a very technology oriented home for you eh? 🙂 I think I would love a home with a huge library and a terrace full of potted plants that shade away a corner…a corner where I have a chair and table where I can read and write for hours together

  2. Jai, I almost felt you had shifted to some other planet. 🙂
    My dream home is exact opposite. I wouldn’t want any technology, gadget or anything. A small house by the river and mountains on the other with lots of trees around and birds for company. Just like my grandparents home. Not rich, but very peaceful. 🙂
    I would be sounding like an eccentric here. *runs off*

    • @pixie, yours is kind of cute and deals more with the places where you would want your dream house, but mine is ‘place agnostic’ so to speak 🙂 Or actually, on second thoughts, I would want it only in Bangalore and nowhere else 😉

      • Yea.. I know! But I am kind of proud of that post and this reminded me of that.. So plugged it in shamelessly!!! 😛 😉
        My dream house would be in Gandhi Bazaar close to Ladies Warehouse and Krishna Vihar as well! But, that’s a different post altogether 😀 😀

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