My acceptance speech


To begin with I would like to thank the director of this movie for considering me worthy enough of bringing to life his main protagonist on the screen. The amount of effort, dedication and passion with which he created this character made it very easy for me to portray it with panache on the screen.

Next, I would like to thank the dialog writer and editor of this movie for making me sound and look so wonderfully elegant in the role. Some of the lines spoken will remain with me forever and will haunt me for many more nights to come. And the slick editing has ensured that all the best parts of my acting prowess have found a prominent place in the final cut.

Huh, what is that? What did you say? Yes, I know that I have been awarded with The Best Actor of the Year award. So what if they are not the Academy Awards or the Emmy Awards? So what if they are only the Razzies?

What, they are awarded to the best ‘worst’ movies and acting performances of the year!!!

Sheesh, you sure found a nice time to read out the ‘fine print’ to me, didn’t you!!!


This post has been written for Project 365 : A post a day where the intention is to publish at least one post a day based on the prompts provided.

Today’s prompt was to give an acceptance speech for an award that I had received.

12 thoughts on “My acceptance speech

      • @Sharath, oh, that one 🙂 Ok, here’s the thing three of my blogger friends and me are running this year long project called Project 365 at based on a calendar of Daily Prompts published by the WordPress team. We have Guest Authors and we ourselves also contribute around 5 posts a month based on the prompts. Yesterday was what is called an Open Prompt where anybody and everybody who blogs can publish a post on the prompt and link up to the blog itself. However, nobody responded to yesterday’s prompt and I therefore came up with this particular post in around fifteen minutes, and that is the true story behind this post.

        Now, am sure you will agree that this post deserves a blogging Razzie Award if they ever institute one 🙂

      • Ooh, fifteen minutes! That’s a record. I’ve never done a post in fifteen minutes. And it’s well written too.

        Personally, I think it deserves something bigger than a Razzie.

  1. Jai, Jai,Jai….tumhari Jai Ho! 😀

    Man you never cease to amaze me. Forget writing for the prompt, it takes me a day or two to first understand the prompt. You truly deserve an award. And we at P365 surely must do something for you. 🙂 So here’s your award…..A . W . A . R . D! 😛

  2. Haha!!! Loove this amazing acceptance speech. I would like to thank Mom and Dad, my directors, script writers, editors, spot boys and of course, AMITABH BACHCHAN Sir, SRK Sir but of course Kamaal R Khan who keep me entertained..haha!

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