My dream teammate : Guest Post


Today, my guest author takes on a topic which is a pet peeve or a pet grouse depending on what kind of colleagues you have at work. He talks about some of the characteristics that he would want in his team mates (in a lighter vein, as is his style).


The best kind of team mates are the ones with the following attributes –

a. Should be more sincere and dedicated than you. While you goof off reading useless blogs like this one, he/she should do the work assigned by the Team Lead and should also help you complete your tasks in time.

b. Should not be more glamorous than you, if you belong to the same gender. I mean, you are the one who should get all the attention, right?

c. Should be a good listener and must patiently listen to all your rants & raves about office, home, malls, marriage, love, guys, girls etc.

d. Must periodically shake your computer mouse so that your desktop does not get locked and screensaver comes in. It must not become obvious to your Team Lead that you are loitering outside the office.

e. Must use the same charger as you and should bring it to office regularly so that you can freely charge your mobiles at office.

f. Should carry lots of money and should lend to you whenever you need. You are very reasonable. You don’t expect your colleague to be wealthy. I mean, if he is wealthy, he will not be working in the same company as you, right?

g. Should not go on leave frequently. Your Team Lead will then pass on his/her tasks to you.

h. Should not get married before you do.

i. Should not get promoted before you do

j. Should not go onsite before you do.

k. Should remember your birthday and give you a decent birthday gift.


So, what are some of the attributes and characteristics that you would want in your teammates. Go ahead and use the Comments section to enlighten us with your preferences.

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