October 2017

Today is a momentous day for me and for mahabore, the blog. After around three odd years of focused efforts, hard work, smart work, grabbing all the opportunities that came my way and some sacrifices in terms of time spent doing other things that I really like, I have finally managed to break into the higher echelons of book reviewing in India.

What began as a simple and easy mode of getting free books by Indian authors to read and enjoy slowly became something of an obsession with me in the second half of 2014. By then I had read and reviewed at least around 40+ books on the blog and gradually was developing a style and niche of my own. However, little did I know that it would soon take the form of a severe obsession bordering on an OCD kind of situation where I would feel awkward and downright miserable if I wasn’t in the middle of a book at any given point in time.

And this ‘hurry’ to read and review books (for lack of a better term) proved to be a win-win for both the publishers and for me as well. Given the plethora of decent books by Indian authors being published, and the fact that publishers, publicists and authors had to rely on all means to ensure that their books stood out in a crowd, for whatever reason blogger reviews, and that too the competent and unbiased ones slowly became the media of choice for publishers. Readers knew that by and large book bloggers’ loyalties could not be bought by publishers or authors and that most book reviews on blogs were honest and unbiased. And this meant that book bloggers who developed a style and niche of their own were valued for their reviews and their points of view on the latest books. And this is where I managed to get noticed.

While 2014 and 2015 were all about crime thrillers, historical fiction and mythological books, I have now gradually developed a taste for non-fiction books as well. And by now, most publishers and authors have reached a stage where they can expect nothing but a brutally honest opinion in terms of a review from me.

The Core Team of Project 365 (a collaborative blog in 2014) comprising of Sakshi (www.sakshinanda.com) have moved on to running a firm which provides end to end editorial services to authors, Rekha (www.rekhadhyani.com) and Sid (www.iwrotethose.com) have published a book each (both of which are still selling well out there) and are well on their way in the final stages of their second novels today. And given that I am a book reviewer, I guess all of us have kind of continued to nurture and work on our love for the written word which we all had in 2014. Here’s wishing for many more wonderful years of the four of us continuing to love words as much as we do today.


This post was written for Project 365 : A post a day where the intention is to publish at least one post a day based on the prompts provided. Today’s prompt was Our blogs morph over time, as interests shift and life happens. Write a post for your blog — but three years in the future, and this post contains not only my ambitious plans for the next three years, but also the plans (at least I think so) of the entire Core Team of Project 365.


12 thoughts on “October 2017

  1. Have been stuck writing a fiction novel since ages…glad to know that you can make time to review books on a regular basis. Gotta draw inspiration from this post and get back to the story that awaits to be told 😉 🙂

    • @indianhumor, go ahead, finish the novel, I can help you out with people who provide you with end to end editorial services for the same. And once the novel is published, I will surely review it for you as well 😀

  2. Ha ha ha!
    While your dream seems so plausible, what you dreamt for me is what I see as castles in the air for myself. This was a nice dream-y post for sure.
    Three years hence may you be 10 times more than what you envisage today, Jai. Good luck and happy reading.

  3. 🙂 That was a really inspiring thing to read and glad that you are happy doing what you like. Good luck and wish you success in all your future endeavours.
    I just need a little advice with reviewing. I was never sure whom to ask but i guess you could answer me.
    I write reviews for the books on Good-reads and i am sure it is no where professional. Totally for my personal satisfaction and to see what my views about the book were. And then one day, an Indian author who got his first book published, mailed me saying that he wanted his book to be reviewed.
    It was really new to me and never knew that something of that sort would ever happen and so was really excited about doing that and so finished the book in a day and started reviewing it. I wrote what i felt. I did not think it was great but it was not bad as well. It was OK, with things that i thought were great, bad and good. It is a mixture and i wrote the same.
    The only thought on my mind was that i am supposed to be honest and not be biased as he was the first author who sent me his book. It was fine till then.
    But now, a year after that, i still have thoughts about the book and i think i have been too rude and arrogant when all the person wanted was a honest review. And sometimes, i answer myself saying that i gave him what he wants, a honest review.
    I have written a few reviews after that but this one always makes me think. Is it common to have all these thoughts or is it just me who is over reacting and thinking a bit more than necessary. Just wanted to know what you think after writing a not so good review for someone.

    • @journeyofmythoughts, as far as I am concerned, I try to be as honest, unbiased and objective as I can with my book reviews. If something about the book appeals to me, I try and elucidate it in the review and the same goes for parts of the book which don’t work for me either. There are some books where small portions of the same, or some characters in the same, or some character motivations don’t appeal to me, and I ensure that I objectively mention the same in the review. However, what matters more is that whether these irritants are big enough to spoil the entire book experience for me. If they are, then I do mention the same, with valid justifications and by being thoroughly objective about it.

      Hope I kind of answered your question.

    • @Sid, I am leagues away from even contemplating writing a book 🙂 For now I am just happy reading and reviewing them 🙂 As for you, I know for sure you will have one out in the bookstores by then.

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